Top 10 Best Apps for Photo Editing

Top 10 Best Apps for Photo Editing
Top 10 Best Apps for Photo Editing, if you want to make your pictures better than ever!

Do you want to edit your photos and make them better than ever? Everyone has a smartphone and captures special moments in their lives. On the other hand, you can make pictures better after editing. So, Today you get the Top 13 Best Apps for Photo Editing in this blog post. Apps in this list are available for both platforms – ios and android. Moreover, there are many apps out there but photo editing apps in this list are best.

Most of the photo editing apps are free on this list but some of them are paid. For example, they have a monthly subscription or you have to pay for a special feature. On the other hand, if you do not want to pay then you can choose from Free Best Apps for Photo Editing.

So, Let’s start the list of best apps for editing (android and ios)…

Top 10 Best Apps for Photo Editing of All Time

1. Vimage

The first best app for photo editing is Vimage. It is a recently released photo editing app for both platforms – android and ios. Moreover, it has become quite popular in a short amount of time. The best thing about Vimage is its cinema graph feature.

Moreover, with basic editing features like crop, brightness, contrast etc. You also get pre-made animation options. On the other hand, Vimage is free to use but for some special features, they have a subscription plan. Basically, if you want to use it for the long term then you can get it at a one-time price of $24.99.

2. Pixlr

The next app on the list is Pixlr. The Pixlr is one of the most popular, powerful and easy to use apps. The best feature of Pixler is its One-Touch Enhance tool. Your photo will become extremely beautiful with just one click. Moreover, you also get other basic features like crop, Blur, rotate etc.

Are you an Instagrammer or a social media influence? If yes, then you are going to love the Pixlr filters, effects and other editing pieces of stuff. Pixlr is also a free photo editing app, but if you need more filters or other items then you can buy it for $1.99.

3. PicsArt

PicsArt is an immensely popular app all around the world. It has one of the best photo editing features on mobile devices. The most unique and rare feature of PicsArt is Background Remover. Moreover, you need to purchase these features but here you get them for free.

On the other hand, with photo editing features you also get other awesome animation and doodle tools in PicsArt. So, if you want to get tons of the best photo editing features then go ahead and download PicsArt.

4. Inshot Photo Editor

Inshot Photo Editor comes with modern features and tools. It is the best app for beginners and who do not want high-end photo editing. Inshot photo editor contains plenty of filters and effects for your picture. For someone who wants to use lots of filters and effects then it can be a good choice for photographers and social media. The editing process is quite easy and Inshot is the best choice for beginners.

The majority of features are free in Inshot and you also get many filters and effects. On the other hand, not all filters, effects and tools are free but if you are a casual user then you do not need to buy them.

5. Fotor: Best Apps for Photo Editing

Fotor is one of the longest-running best apps for photo editing. Few apps do the job of actual photo editing and Fotor is one of them. Moreover, if you are a beginner and do not know how to use them there are many one-touch features available.

More than 100 filters and professional photo editing tools are more than enough for anyone. On the other hand, Fotor is one of the most expensive photo editing apps if you are planning to purchase it for the long term. Basically, It’s best for some actual and serious mobile photo editing work for photographers.

Top 5 Best Apps for Photo Editing of All time

6. Canva

The 5th position in the list of Best Apps for Photo Editing is Canva. Originally, Canva is a Graphic designing tool but it also has good tools for photo editing. The best feature of it is its AI photo editing tools. You are going to love its best and a very useful feature known as the background remover. Moreover, it’s the same level as Photoshop if you talk about basic editing.

On the other hand, canva is a free app but for the majority of tools and features, you need to pay with your hard earn cash. You have to pay the monthly subscription if you want to use it. Moreover, it is best for those who do a lot of designing and editing.

7. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo Shop Express
Image: Photoshop Express

The next photo editing app is also immensely popular among mobile phone users. Adobe has great respect in the Photo Editing world for its awesome application. Adobe Photoshop Express is a small version of Photoshop with awesome features. If you are a free user or do not want to invest money in these editing apps then you can use Express.

So, your photos can get a professional touch with Express. On the other hand, After buying its premium version of Express you can use object remover. Which is highly rated in the Photo Editing community.


Photo Editing App VSCO
VSCO: a photo editing app

The 3rd ranking best photo editing app is VSCO. It is extremely popular among Instagrammers and social media influencers. VASCO’s speciality is its cool and awesome filters. Moreover, its basic editing tools are more actual than any other photo editing apps. I highly recommend VASO, if you want a photo editing app for your social media pictures.

Well, VASO is free to use the app and all basic tools and features are free. On the other hand, if you want to use VASO to its full extent then you should buy its Pro version.

9. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an immensely popular photo editing app. It is also a product of Adobe and a pretty small but effective version of Adobe Lightroom CC. Moreover, with the help of Adobe Lightroom, you can change the total look of your picture. The unique and cool feature of Lightroom is its Color Adjustment tool.

Like other Adobe photoshop products, Lightroom also has some premium lock features. On the other hand, all good features of this app are that all useful features and tools are free.

10. Snapseed: Best Apps for Photo Editing

Sanpseed Photo Editing App
Snapseed: A Photo Editing App

The first place on the list of Best Photo Editing Apps goes to Snapseed. It is a product of Google with lots of features. Moreover, if you are a professional photographer then it’s the best choice for you. The touch-up tools and adjustment tools need experience. The beginners can also use it without any problem.

The best thing is it’s free, Yes you do not need to pay a single buck. On the other hand, some tools are overwhelming for beginners but soon you will get used to them. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and all over the internet related to Snapseed.

To Conclude :

I hope you like this list of Top 10 Best Apps for Photo Editing. If you are still struggling to choose one from it then go for Sanpseed and Adobe Photoshop Express. These two are the most beginner-friendly and professional. I highly recommend using Snapseed for professionals and serious mobile photographers.