Best Software for Video Editing in 2021


Best Softwares for Video Editing in 2021: Videos are a great medium to teach, learn or do anything in this Modern world. Moreover, good software can make your work easier and more professional when it comes to video editing. On the other hand, it is hard work to do and needs lots of practice to learn these applications.

Therefore, in this blog post, you will get the top editing software of all time with resources. Moreover, It does not matter which level editor you are because this list is something for everyone.

Best Software for Video Editing in 2021

1. InVideo

InVideo: A Video Editor

The first software on the list is InVideo with unique features from any other software on the list. InVideo is a Cloud-Based video editing software that can only run on your Browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

As a beginner, InVideo is a great choice and also for Advanced or professionals. Moreover, it has all the basic features you need to edit a video with some advanced tools. On the other hand, do not expect anything extraordinary from InVideo but also give it a try and then decide.

Well, there are a total of 3 plans available for InVideo software different uses. The first is a Free plan for everyone, the second is 15$ per month, and the last one is 30$ per month for everyone. Moreover, you do not get watermarks on your videos even in the Free option and it’s quite rare these days.

2. iMovie

The next software on the list of Best Software for Video Editing is iMovie. Moreover, it is software that is only available for Apple users. You can easily access iMovie on all Apple devices like Mac, iPad, or even iPhones.

iMovie gives you features like editing video at 4K resolution with all basic and advanced tools. In my recommendation, this video editing app is best when it comes to YouTube video editing or intermediate users.

Well, it is Free software with all features you need from a video editing app. On the other hand, the only downside of this application is it’s not available for any other platforms. iMovie also gives you free sound effects, templates, and much more prebuilt videos to start working on your project without a scratch.

3. DaVinci Resolve

Best Software for Video Editing in 2021

Do you want video editing software for all platforms including Linux Operating System? Well, then in this blog post we have something for you and your videos. DaVinci Resolve is a cross-platform editor and one of the best software for video editing for Linux.

This video editing software is recommended for advanced users along with beginners. Moreover, it also has super AI features which will be a great help in editing and trimming. On the other hand, it is best in both environments like Offline or Online as per your preference.

You can also download DaVinci Resolve on your Windows and Mac along with Linux. Well, it has a free version that is capable of editing advanced level videos. Its paid version is quite expensive but because it is an awesome video editing software it is worth it for professionals.

4. Filmora from Wondershare

The next software on the list is Filmora, a creation of Wondershare Developers. It is one of the best video editing software when it comes to simplicity and advanced features. Moreover, 4K video support editing options, tools, and features are available in Filmora.

Well, if you are a mobile user and want something for editing videos on your smartphone then you can FilmoreGo. FilmoraGo is the mobile version of this huge video editing software that gives you all the essential tools.

On the other hand, Filmora Wondershare is not free and also not available for Linux Operating systems. But you will get a Trial Version of this software if you want to know if it is best for you or not. Moreover, this video editing software is one of the best in the world so at least try for once before choosing any other application.

5. Cyberlink PowerDirector

Do you want Video Editing software for Beginners without a learning curve? Then the PowerDirector is the best choice for you without a doubt. Moreover, it is one of the longest-running Software in the editing community with a good reputation.

This software also has a mobile version and is one of the best when it comes to mobile editing applications. Moreover, It will give you the tools and features like any other PC video editing on your smartphone.

Well, it’s not free software but you can have a trial version of it for around 14 or more days. On the other hand, you get an option to pay a one-time fee and obtain everything in the software for the rest of your life.

Bonus: The Best Software for Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro: A Video Editor

The final and Best Software for Video Editing on the list is Adobe Premiere Pro for Every Video Editor in the world. You do not care about the difficulty and are ready to learn something new and amazing then no need to look further anyone. Just go and download, install, and start using and learning it.

This video editing software is the creation of one of the best design and editing developers in the world. Yes, we are talking about The Adobe company who have a collection of the best software and applications in the world.

On the other hand, it is not free to use but as with any other premium software, you get a trial offer. Adobe Premiere Pro is best for both Beginners and Professionals when it comes to the Best Video editing software of all time. Moreover, you get plenty of tutorials and online courses which are enough to teach you how to use this software and create God level videos.


Every Video Editing Software on this list is best in its way and features. On the other hand, it all depends upon your choice, preference, and use if you want any software for yourself. Moreover, if you ask me to choose one for you then go with the Bonus option which is Adobe Premiere Pro and just start learning it. If you become professional in this app then it is a great skill and it will help you for the rest of your life.

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