Instagram Edit Grid Feature Might Change: Know Why?

Instagram Edit Grid Feature Might Change: Know Why?
Instagram Edit Grid Feature Might Change: Know Why?

Instagram Edit Grid Feature Change: Instagram is a popular social network that is known for giving the latest trend to the internet. It also became one of the most downloaded applications on the app stores and Google play store. Moreover, the application developer always releases new updates to make their application more productive and useful.

Furthermore, the major update till now is Instagram Reels which affect the user experience. After the release of Reels, in the Instagram application, many features change like add button or reels buttons. Feed grid also faces some changes which are helpful in a way. Now, they are going to make a new change with the Edit Grid Feature.

However, the news is still a number but there are many chances that it can become true in future. The rumour is the Instagram Edit Grid Feature might change and it will transform into a dropdown menu. If you want to know more about this feature and upcoming updates then keep reading the blog.

Alessandro Paluzzi is a tipster and she is the first person who posted a tweet about this change. She wrote something like “Instagram will make some changes to improve the user experience of the application.” According to her, they are working on a new feature that will improve the productivity of the user for their feed. Profile grid is a major part of the application and it is also very important from the marketing point of view.

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Instagram Edit Grid Feature: Edit Your Profile Grid

This new feature will allow users to choose their favourite post and display it on the top of the feed. However, it will disturb the traditional format and this change might become quite big for some influences. Currently, the posts display in chronological order but after this update they become customizable.

Till now, every post will display in chronological order but after the Instagram Edit Grid feature, it will become quite constomosiale. Many posts fade away in the ocean of your uploaded and some people even forget that post even exists. However, this Edit Grid feature will allow you to choose your favourite post and show them on the top of your feed.

Furthermore, it’s quite similar to the Highlight feature but it’s also quite unique at the same time. It does not matter how old that picture is or what type of post it is, users will be able to show that post on top of their profile. It’s become quite beneficial for influencers to showcase their best products or top-performing posts.

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