LinkedIn Integration with Microsoft Teams, Share your Skills Quickly

LinkedIn Integration with Microsoft Teams, Share your Skills Quickly
LinkedIn Integration with Microsoft Teams, Share your Skills Quickly

The United States Microsoft announced that the collaboration tool “Microsoft Teams” can be synchronized with the business SNS “LinkedIn” account. Currently available for desktop and web versions. In this blog post, you will read about the LinkedIn Integration with Microsoft Teams which will help you to Share your Skills Quickly. 

LinkedIn is an SNS site operated by LinkedIn under the umbrella of Microsoft, which has more than 700 million registered members in more than 200 countries around the world. By sharing business profiles, registered users encourage interaction with companies, business partners, and experts, and support the discovery of business partners and recruiting activities.

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What is LinkedIn Integration with Microsoft Teams? 

With this addition, you can now see your LinkedIn profile from the LinkedIn tab in Teams’ private chat. On the [LinkedIn] tab, you can check the profile data and area of ​​interest data of “LinkedIn”.

To connect to your “LinkedIn” account, first, click the LinkedIn tab during a one-on-one private chat. Select Sign in now to connect to your LinkedIn account and add your “Connect LinkedIn account” to your Microsoft app.

In addition to the above features, you can now share audio from your device while sharing your screen at the Web version of the “Teams” conference. If you want to play a recorded conversational voice during a meeting, this function may be useful.

How to Use LinkedIn Integration Feature? 

To use it, select [Desktop / Window] from [Shared Tray], open the [Select Items to Share] window, and select the [System Audio Sharing] check box on the [Whole Screen] tab. Setting completed. Audio transmission from the entire computer is comes in a batch.

In addition, the latest update adds an option for meeting organizers and presenters to revoke attendees’ video and audio permissions. In addition, it is possible to enable a function that automatically suppresses non-human voices such as music during a meeting.

Final Thought

There are many online video conferencing applications available in the market like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is special because it’s quite popular in the corporate world like Windows. They are one of the most beneficial for corporations because every product is a productivity tool for business. 

This is all you need to know about the LinkedIn Integration FEature with Microsoft Teams. It’s quite helpful for those who want to show off their skill and solid background through their first online meeting. It’s also quite beneficial to know about an unknown member of a video conference where you meet someone for the first time. 

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