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Riot WoW-Nothing is more frustrating than jumping into a game of Valorant only to discover one of your teammates has suddenly abandoned you, whether due to internet connectivity issues or something more pressing. The game Riot has devised a way around this issue with their remake match feature for Valorant matches. Also, Riot WoW-Your teammate going AFK, or your game crashing are two potential causes of early-round losses in Valorant matches. Still, these situations can be avoided altogether with the remake feature.

How to Remake a Match in Valorant-Riot WoW

With the release of Patch 1.07 in 2020, players can now request a remake of their ranked match if they feel that teammate disconnection has put them at a considerable disadvantage in a match. They can initiate this vote by writing “/remake” into the in-game chat during the buy phase of second-round gameplay and initiating it themselves. During the buy phase, teammates may use the /remake command to vote for a remake of the current game. If successful, it will be canceled, and players will be queued into another one without changing XP or MMR levels.

Once a vote is completed, the match will restart from its beginning with no loss for either party; those who voted won’t incur an XP or MMR deduction, while players who didn’t vote may incur both an MMR deduction and RR loss as penalties.

Reasons to Remake a Match in Valorant-Riot WoW

Introduced with Patch 1.07 (2020), remake draw allows players to end lopsided Valorant matches more quickly if they start as 4v5 or more games. This works by initiating a vote in their current match during its buy phase of round two; if successful, all current game participants will queue into another one; but none of their XP or MMR changes from the rebuild game will count toward history records.

However, players must be wary of the penalties for using this feature. People who initiate voting will face temporary matchmaking restrictions and an MMR loss penalty; players who leave will incur both to prevent people from using it as an easy win in competitive matches. Furthermore, only one vote per game.

The Process of Remaking a Match in Valorant-Riot WoW

Remaking matches in Valorant can be an effective way of avoiding uneven games when playing competitive queues. All players must agree through voting during the buy phase of the round 2 for all players to agree to remake by creating a vote during buy phase, with players who voted not subject to penalty with any XP, RR, or MMR losses for participating; however, those who leave will incur losses equaling leaving all matches.

You will sometimes find yourself playing 4v5 scenarios in ranked games after one of your teammates disconnected during the buy phase or first round. While this can be frustrating, Riot provides an exceptional solution with its Remake system to solve this problem and keep games moving smoothly.

Remaking allows players to save their RR without forfeiting or surrendering. Open the system chat and type “/remake” to initiate voting.

Final Words

Remaking with Patch 1.07 (2020), allowing players to initiate a vote through the in-game chat system to restart their match at the beginning of round two if one or more team members disconnect before or during pistol round 1. This option helps prevent unfair Ranked Rating losses while protecting balanced matches from becoming imbalanced and time wasted.

To vote, simply type “/remake” into your in-game chat. Players have 30 seconds to decide whether they wish to restart their match.

Remaking matches in Valorant can be an excellent way to avoid uneven games, wasted time and unjust Ranked Rating losses. Remaking is a straightforward process that ensures an enjoyable gaming experience for all participants. Ryan is a staff writer at LeagueFeed covering Valorant and League of Legends; he holds Diamond rank in both games he covers (Valorant/LoL). Ryan currently uses jungle main as his playstyle when competing.

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