Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2022 for Mac with New UI, and .NET 6

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2022 for Mac with New UI, and .NET 6
Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2022 for Mac with New UI, and .NET 6

The United States Microsoft started general availability of “Visual Studio 2022 for Mac” (v17.0) on May 23 (local time). It’s running in testing for eight months since the first preview version is already live in September last year, but it’s finally ready for the official version. 

The Windows version of “Visual Studio 2022” has been officially available since November last year. The Mac version of “Visual Studio 2022” is built with a macOS native user interface, greatly improving design and operability. The backend has been completely rewritten to work with “.NET 6”.

In this blog post, you will read about the latest release of one of the most popular software of Microsoft. After a long wait Visual Studio is finally available for Mac users (after 9 months). If you want to know more about this latest software for Mac then keep reading this blog post. 

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Microsoft Launched Visual Studio 2022 for Mac, for General Availability with New UI and .NET 6 Support

The biggest merit is the improvement of operation speed and responsiveness. In particular, the adoption of “.NET 6” has greatly supported the Apple Silicon (ARM64) processor natively, and the process of opening a large-scale solution is up to 50% faster than “Visual Studio 2019 for Mac”. That is.

Another advantage of the native UI is that it can be linked with OS accessibility features such as high-contrast mode and “VoiceOver”, and the light / dark theme settings are now synchronized with the OS. The IDE menu and terminology are also share with the Windows version, and it is design to be friendly to developers who have to go back and forth between the Windows / Mac environment.

Regarding development, topics such as support for building applications using “.NET 6” and “C # 10”. Since “Azure Functions” v4 is also support, you can also develop serverless applications with “.NET 6”. .NET MAUI isn’t yet support, but it’s available in the preview branch, which was release at the same time as the official v17.0 version, allowing for cross-platform development of iOS, Android, and macOS apps.

In addition, with the release of the official version, some of the functions of the Windows version “Visual Studio 2022” go to the port. Familiar features such as Git change windows, tool window drag, and drop, and subword navigation are also available on the Mac. The Mac version of “Visual Studio 2022” is now available as a free download from the company’s website. The supported OS is “macOS Catalina 10.15” or later.

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