WordPress Speed Optimisation: Is Your Site Speed Below Average?

Wordpress Speed Optimisation: Is Your Site Speed Below Average?
WordPress Speed Optimisation: Is Your Site Speed Below Average?

Your WordPress Speed Optimisation is one of the biggest factors for the success of your site. Assuming that your website is fast without a proper test is a bad and dangerous thing. Not everyone in the world is going to have the same internet connection, location, and environment as you. So, it’s a good thing to learn a little bit about your WordPress Site Optimisation for better performance of your website. 

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WordPress Speed Optimisation: Is Your Site Speed Below Average? 

TTFB is the time it takes for the browser to receive the first byte from the server. TTFB includes network communication time and server response time. Google recommends that TTFB be less than 200 ms.

Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights considers TTFB to be “slow” when it exceeds 600ms. And the “Improvable Items” in the “Diagnose Performance Problems” area is “Please speed up the response speed of the first server.” It will be displayed. 

PageSpeed ​​Insights performance measurements simulate access from Slow WordPress Speed Optimisation 4G, Asia, so the results will be slightly different than when accessing from a high-speed environment in India. 

There are some differences depending on the timing, but since it measures under almost the same conditions. Furthermore, it can be use as an index for comparative improvement. According to research on 3,00,000 sites, about 13,000 sites have less than 200 milliseconds, which is Google’s recommendation value. 

There are about 93,000 sites with 200 to 600 milliseconds. About 1/3 of the total, 106,000 sites pass, and the remaining 2/3 of sites were rate with “slow”. Also, the number of WordPress Speed Optimisation sites with less than 1 second is about 195,000, which is about 2/3 of the total, so if it exceeds 1 second. 

Where is the TTFB Located on Your Site?

Although it is not includ in the direct index of the attention “Core Web Vitals”, it is an important index. Because it is closely relate to such as being mention as an improvement method of LCP (Largest Contentful Paint). It can be said to be one. We focus on TTFB not just for external ratings such as WordPress Speed Optimisation Google ratings and user experience.

Dynamic CMS like WordPress tends to take a particularly long time in the “Web server generates and sends content” step because it dynamically generates content at the request of the user. Sites with slow TTFB may have issues such as slow themes and plugins, and a bloated database.

As a rule of thumb, sites with a TTFB of more than 2 seconds are more likely to experience display delays or some sort of failure when access is concentrat. TTFB is often slow even for sites that receive inquiries from customers about the fact that access is concentrat and the display is delay.

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