5 Best Pokemon Unite Characters for Beginners

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite (image via. theloadout.com)

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA, which has a fun twist on the genre, along with playable Pokemons. The esports scene is taking off with this game, and many new players are starting fresh due to the hype. However, it is a competitive game, and beginners might find themselves in a defeat streak if you make a few mistakes. One of these is not choosing a good Pokemon. Here are the 5 best Pokemon Unite characters that beginners can use with ease.

The game, by The Pokemon Company, contains many characters to choose from. This list will contain characters that are relatively easy to play, but are also very effective. However, before reading this, we would advise you to pick the character that you like the most. This will simply make the games more fun, and playing an effective, but boring champion is not the way to go. If you find some great Pokemons that you want to try out from this list, do give them a try!

5 Best Pokemon Unite Characters: Beginner Edition


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Delphox is a great attacker carry, who is also very easy to play. This character has great AOE, massive single-target damage, and amazing CC. The combo is also very fast, and only requires you to combo using your Secondary, Ultimate, and followed by Primary Skill. The potential to one-shot any low health character makes Delphox a great pick during the early ranks. We will recommend bring Wise Glasses, Choice Specs, and Magic Spoon as your Held Items. It relies heavily on Special Attack, so this build will get you the maximum amount.

However, this character has low durability, so stay aware of assassins and all-rounders with great damage.


Best Pokemon
Blissey (image via. Pokemon Unite)

One of the best Pokemon Unite characters is a Defender, and that is none other than Blissey. Blissey has great shields, is very durable, and can save teammates in crucial moments. Moreover, playing her is very easy, as she depends on supporting your damage dealers. If you want to master any Defender as a beginner, we would recommend Blissey!

For Held Items you can get Buddy Barrier, EXP Share, and the last spot can be according to your play style.


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A very strong pick in the current Meta, Zacian can also be a great beginner Pokemon. His kit has massive damage, which can also hit as AOE. He is exceptional at every lane if played correctly, and can solo carry many games. Although his skill-set requires you to understand and practice with it a bit to get good, he is by no means a very difficult Pokemon to master. One of the Best Pokemon Unite characters, which has dominated the game for a few patches now.

For his best Held Items, you can run Attack Weight, and Muscle Band.


Glaceon (image via. Pokemon)

Glaceon is an Attacker, which combines very high damage with consistent damage. This character is currently one of the best attackers, along with other Eevee counterparts. Once evolved, this character has a lock on attack, that deals very high damage and also does not require any aiming. For beginner players who find the controls a bit difficult to get used to, this can be a major upgrade.

For Held Items, players can go for Wise Glasses, Slick Spoon, and Energy Amplifier.


Best Pokemon
Pikachu (image via. Pokemon.com)

One of the best beginner Pokemon in the game, and also a fan favorite. Pikachu can dish out massive amounts of damage, and his Ultimate provides a great AOE option in team fights. Pikachu also is very easy to play, with a lot of point-and-click abilities. Moreover, it is very cheap to buy from the store, and also very effective for beginners.

For Held Items, we would recommend Choice Specs, Energy Amplifier, with the third slot being your pick.

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