Fortnite LEGO Might Replace Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Completely, According to New Leaks

Fortnite LEGO Collaboration
Fortnite Battle Bus (image via.

Fortnite is moving closer to the release of Chapter 4 Season 4, and leaks about its first trailer are already out. In a more recent reveal, it is suspected that the Fortnite LEGO collaboration might be much bigger than expected. If the leaks are to be believed, they might replace the entirety of Chapter 4 Season 5!

At first, this might seem impossible, due to the three-month duration of every season. But if the collaboration has ample amounts of content and events, it can definitely replace it. Many fans were confused whether Season 5 of this chapter will release, or Epic Games will directly move on to Chapter 5. But with this news, it is highly likely we get either the massive LEGO collaboration or a new season before we move on to a new chapter.

Fortnite LEGO Collaboration Rumored to Be Massive!

YouTube: ShuffleGamer

According to popular Fortnite leaker Shiina on Twitter, the rumored Fortnite Lego Collaboration will be bigger than expected. The v27.00 update, which was supposed to be Chapter 4 Season 5, might not be a new season, but an expansion in line with the collaboration.

The LEGO franchise is one of the biggest toy brands in the world, spawning a number of movies, collaborations, characters, and much more simply from the blocky toys. This is the first time Fortnite will be collaborating with the franchise, and the possibilities are endless. LEGO is known for its colorful theme, which falls in line with Fortnite’s theme, which has vibrant and colorful maps and character designs.

The leaks do not actually confirm the override of the next season by LEGO, but the collaboration will definitely occur sometime around November or December. If the rumors are to be believed, the collaboration will be so big, that it can span the entirety of 3 months. However, no news of events that will be included in this collaboration has been revealed yet. For now, Fortnite is moving towards the new patch, which features a racing game mode along with new collaborations to look forward to.

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