Best Agent in Valorant-The best in the business

Best Valorant Agents For Beginners

Best Agent in Valorant-Jett is a great agent for players who like to sneak around and perform outplays on their enemies. She’s also great at entering sites quickly and offers a good mix of clearing utility with her Boom Bot, Paint Shells, and Blast Packs. Ekko from Valorant is a solid pick for his reusability potential. He can help clear corners and find enemies with his Flashes. He’s also a great defender with his Stim Beacon and defuses delay Ultimate.

Sage-Best Agent in Valorant

Sage has one of the highest pick rates throughout ranked due to the abilities that allow her to stop incoming enemy rushes by closing off lanes and choke points. She also heals and resurrects teammates, a huge benefit in most team compositions.

Omen is another highly pickable Controller Agent thanks to his long-range smokes that can help block vision for his teammates while he is lurking, and his ultimate allows him to run in and wreck a site. He’s also great at chasing enemies and is a great ally for aggressive Duelist players to help them secure momentum. However, he can get caught by players who rely on molotovs or Raze’s Paint Shells to push attackers back.

Killjoy-Best Agent in Valorant

The newest agent in Valorant, Killjoy, adds another layer to the game and is one of the best damage-inflicting agents. Her turrets and grenades also offer a good amount of area control.

A quirky German genius, Killjoy is seen in cinematics and player cards tinkering with her adorable robots. Her kit is full of witty versatile abilities that allow her to hold sites independently.

Her signature ability allows her to set up Astral Stars that turn into various abilities, while her Ultimate can cordon off large map areas with a Cosmic Divide.


The agents in B-Tier are strong and can compete with the best in the game. However, they often require team coordination and have specific maps where their abilities shine the most. For example, Fade is a top intel-gatherer in the current meta, and her Haunt ability spots enemies in rat corners unreachable by someone like Sova’s dart.

Phoenix is the perfect agent for the ranked grind, as he can clear out sites with his smokes and perform insanely outplays without heavy team support. Omen is another solid Controller Agent, and his long-range smokes help him hide from enemies in a crowded jungle. He is also great at sniping from the backlines.


Skye used to be at the bottom of this list, but she’s been buffed quite a bit since then and has proven viable in high-level ranked matches. She’s an initiator that offers a variety of options for gathering information and putting pressure on opponents.

The Australian agent’s kit is designed to seek out enemies and hound them with oppressive info-gathering abilities. She’s ideal for site executing post-plant scenarios and retake attempts.

She’s also one of the best agents for securing areas with her smokes, which can block bullets and last longer than most other smokes in the game. This makes her a strong choice for zone control in ranked play.


C-tier agents are self-sufficient and offer various tools that can help win ranked matches. This tier contains some of Valorant’s most popular Agents and offers great synergy with top-tier agents.

Jett is the best offensive agent ranked because of her amazing mobility and reusability. She can take aggressive picks and entry frag and has an amazing ultimate to help her team push.

Skye is another agent that saw major popularity in ACT 3 and regained her top spot because of her incredibly versatile kit. Her poisons can damage and slow enemies, while her ult can help her team secure a site.


This tier contains some of the more difficult agents to master, requiring a high skill level from players to get the most out of them. Controller Agents like Viper and Chamber are great options for stealing sites with their ability to teleport away, and the latter can be an absolute firepower house on eco rounds thanks to (Q) Headhunter.

Sage is the closest thing Valorant has to a support agent, able to heal herself and her teammates on demand. Tripwire buffs have also made Cypher much more viable as a self-sufficient duelist who can easily take aggressive picks or defend sites. He also offers a lot of mobility with his ultimate.

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