Best Valorant Crosshairs you can choose from

Choosing the best crosshair in VALORANT - Valorant | esports.comBest Valorant Crosshairs-Valorant is a challenging game requiring players to aim excellently. Using a good crosshair with Valorant can make all the difference in improving aim and gameplay. This article will cover some of the best valorant crosshair codes and professional players’ settings. These will help improve your game and give you a competitive edge over other players.

1. Scream-Best Valorant Crosshairs

ScreaM is famous for his one-tap headshots in CS: GO and brought that same style over to Valorant. He uses a small crosshair with a gap and no outlines that require players to focus and only see their target directly in front of them.

SK Gaming’s PROD is known for his crisp aim in Valorant, so we thought it best to base our recommendations on his crosshair. He uses a small, compact white crosshair without outlines that stand out against the backgrounds of most maps in Valorant.

2. Yay-Enjoy the Best Valorant Crosshairs

With Valorant having such robust crosshair customization options, finding the right one can be challenging for some players. Fortunately, we have compiled the best ones that pros like ScreaM and TenZ use to give you an edge in ranked games.

This is a compact white crosshair that doesn’t have any outlines or center dots. It’s a good choice for most distances and stands against bright or dark backgrounds.

Derke is one of North America’s top Operator players and has consistently contributed to 100 Thieves since joining their team. He uses a simple dot crosshair that’s easy to see in any scenario.

3. iiTzTimmy-Best Valorant Crosshairs

iiTzTimmy is an eSports competitor & Twitch streamer who plays first-person shooter video games. He has a large fan base on both platforms & is known for his skills in games like Apex Legends, Valorant, and CS: GO.

Timmy has a YouTube channel where he uploads highlights from his stream. He has more than a million subscribers.

The player has a sleek Logitech G Pro X Superlight for fast movement & ergonomic feel on his wrists. He streams daily.

4. F0rsakeN

Valorant is a shooter where aiming with precision can net you headshot after headshot. As such, a good crosshair is crucial.

Also, f0rsakeN is one of the top players in the SEA region, helping Paper Rex establish itself as a dominant team in Valorant tournaments. His crosshair is compact, green-colored, and consists of short lines with outlines turned on.

Its tight size and lack of center dot or gaps prevents distraction and maintains visibility, even with the game’s bright environments. Choose from the Best Valorant Crosshairs.

5. Nether Portal

Nether Portal is a block that allows players to open portals from the Overworld to the Nether. The blocks in Nether fortresses also appear in rare chests in the Overworld.

Also, Players can use a flint and steel (or a fire charge) to set the block on fire, which activates the portal. This method is the most reliable on any valid End Portal frame in the Overworld.

Players can also activate Nether portals using the eyes of Ender from Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3-1 to 14w28a (1.8 snapshots). However, this is unreliable and can cause the player to be sent to random overworld locations. Choose from the Best Valorant Crosshairs.

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