Top 10 Best Apps to Learn English for India

Top 10 Best Apps to Learn English for India

Best Apps to Learn English for India: Do you want to learn or improve English online? Then this post is for you because here you will get one of the best applications to Learn English. Furthermore, If you are a beginner or someone who wants to get better at conversing in English then these apps might be a great help for you.

On the other hand, English is not native to India but India is the 2nd Largest English speaking country. Moreover, If you want to work with international clients and big companies in India you need to read, write, and speak fluent English. Below you will get one of the best apps to learn and understand the English language which will be a great skill for the rest of your life.

Best Apps to Learn English for India

  1. Duolingo

The first app on the list is Duolingo, an extremely popular mobile application for Learning languages. Moreover, you can learn more than English on this application because of its features. Duolingo offers more than 10s of languages to learn for Free of cost.

On the other hand, it is free to use and available for all mobile devices including the iPad. I included pads because they have a different app store then the iPhone. Furthermore, You can also use it as a Website with all features but mobile has its advantages.

  1. Improve English: Word Games

The next app on the list of Best apps to learn English for India is Improve English: Word Games. Furthermore, it is also free like Duolingo but with few in-app purchase options. People love this application because of its multiple features like entrance exams and writing skills.

Improving English application has more than one way to teach its students with multiple methods. Moreover, they also have flashcards, quizzes, and games options which are cherry on the cake for any Beginner who wants to learn English.

  1. Memrise: Learn Language Free

If you are a total beginner who is going to start English from Scratch then it’s going to be your best friend. Moreover, it is more like a vocabulary than an actual teaching app. On the other hand, do not just think it does not have much to teach because of its simple teaching. Its minimum feature has the potential to teach you Basic English.

The unit of the special feature of the Memrise application is its teaching with Flash Cards. Moreover, it includes short courses which will help you to learn without dedicating extra time. In other words, by sparing 2-3 minutes per task you will learn something valuable.

7. Wannalisn

Top 10 Best Apps to Learn English for India

The next application on the list is also one of the best free apps to learn English. Furthermore, it specializes in teaching through listening and reading. The best part while learning through this application is it includes video to teach you and audio clips.

On the other hand, it contains emotional understanding which makes you learn like a human, not a robot. Moreover, as I said that Wannalisn is a Free application that is available for both operating systems – android and ios.

  1. BBC English Learning

Have you ever heard of the BBC? Well, it is an international news channel in the English language. This application is one of the productions of the BBC corporation to teach people English all around the world.

Furthermore, it is an all in one application that will teach you from grammar to speaking to listening and everything. BBC English Learning has special audio programmes which are free to download. Moreover, if you go through with these audio files your progress will become much faster than before.

  1. British Council Learn English Grammar

The next application on the list of Best Apps to Learn English is The British Council Learn English Grammer. The British Council is the world’s biggest and most popular choice to learn English and English Grammar. Furthermore, in India, many English practicals involve instructors and teaching from the British Council.

On the other hand, they have an application and a website to teach English as a second language. Moreover, this application is not free and has some in-app purchases. But it is worth your money and time. Even I recommend that if you have enough money to invest then you did not find any better course than the British Council.

4. Udemy

Udemy: A platform to learn new things

Every blog post, article, video, or talk online learning is incomplete without Udemy. Furthermore, it is the world biggest (or one of the world biggest) website and application (or platform) to learn anything.

Here at Udemy, you can learn English from the biggest and finest instructors. They excel at teaching what they know and they do that’s why they are the best. On the other hand, you just need to visit the site, choose the best course and start learning what you want to learn.

  1. Fluent

As by its name Fluentu will make you Fluent in English speaking and writing. This application has quite a reputation among the online English courses. Moreover, even if you do not use this application, make sure to read their blogs. It is one of the best applications on the list of Best Apps to Learn English.

Fluentu contains one of the finest resources, tips, and techniques that make a beginner into a native speaker. Well, it depends on your learning strength but a good tutor will give a clear direction. If you are still confused about which one to choose then start with Fluentu Trial classes.

  1. Rosetta Stone

The next app on the list is Rosetta Stone with an extremely high market value. Furthermore, it just has the reputation for nothing, Rosetta Stone is one of the best platforms to learn a language.

Every review on the internet just praises this app because of its structured and well-made roadmap. Moreover, it teaches you the basics and makes you proficient in no time. On the other hand, it is not free but Rosetta Stone is 100% worth your attention.

1. Hello English: Best Apps to Learn English

Hello English: An applicaton to learn english

This app is specially built to teach English to non-native speakers and make them fluent. Moreover, if you are an Indian then you will get some additional benefits with Hello English. For example, you can choose your first language as your regional language like Gujarati, Bengali, and more.

Hello, English has a total of 250 online pre-built courses to teach you English speaking and grammar. Moreover, it gives you a live chat option with one of the instructors at Hello English. In other words, this application has everything you need to learn English online through an application.

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