Facebook Account Hacked: 3 Ways to Recover your Facebook Account?

Facebook Account Hacked: 3 Ways to Recover your Facebook Account?

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world with billions of downloads on the app store and billions of users. However, there are many problems with popularity and huge audiences. If your Facebook Account gets Hacked in future then there will not be any surprise, wait? Your account is already hacked and that’s why you are reading this blog post? Well, it does not matter because this blog is both of you! Below you will read methods to recover your Facebook account.

Furthermore, as we know the platform is quite wide which includes everyone from common people to multinational companies. However, companies have their protocol to handle these kinds of situations (and it’s also a crime) but what about people like us? If anything like this is with us then we have to handle it on our own. These methods are not new but many users are still unaware of them.

That being said, the methods mentioned below are given by Facebook and each of them is quite helpful. Even your account is safe for now but you should keep preparing yourself for the future!

Why Your Facebook Account Got Hacked?

First, before you get into all Facebook recovery things you should know the reason which causes this problem. There is more than one way which causes it and one of them is you forget the passwords of your account. Yes, technically it’s because of your fault but it causes you to lose your Facebook account.

The second reason is a third-party website or something like Fishing (a type of hacking). Because of this, someone else can have access to your account and he changed the password.

Last but not least is someone else getting the login information for some reason. Moreover, the worst part of your Facebook Account Hacked is there is no way to contact Facebook by one on one chat or call for help. As I said earlier, you need to act and solve the problem on your own.

3 Ways to Recover your Account

#01. You Forgot the Password!

The first and most common reason Facebook Account Hacked or why your account login information is wrong is that you are inputting the wrong details. Well, to solve this problem you need to click on the forgot password option.

#02. You Are Entering the Wrong Email Address!

Many users forgot their email address (happens if you are logging in after a long time or have multiple accounts). If this is the problem then you can visit https://www.facebook.com/login/identify to find your account.

#03. Hacked user account

The last method is not a method to get your method to get back. This allows you to report your problem to the staff of Facebook and ask them to take some action. Well, if you think your account has got hacked then you can report your problem at https://www.facebook.com/hacked and the rest of the work they will handle.

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