Facebook Stop Nearby Friends, and Other Location-Based Features

Facebook Stop Nearby Friends, and Other Location-Based Features
Facebook Stop Nearby Friends, and Other Location-Based Features

Facebook is soon going to stop its many features for everyone all around the world. Features like Facebook Nearby Friends, Weather Alerts, and many more are no longer available in the app. In this blog post, you will read about the Facebook stop Nearby Friends and location-based features. 

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media and it’s been facing a lot of problems over the past few months. The reason why it’s facing problems is because of its privacy and policy towards its users. 

United States Courts are quite serious about users’ privacy issues with Facebook and its’ new company Meta. In reality, Facebook is quite vulnerable to its user like its server stores everything you do through posts, location, and chats. 

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Facebook Stop Nearby Friends, and Weather Alerts

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Facebook Stop Nearby Friends, and Other Location-Based Features

For the past few days, Facebook has been alerting its users about their new updates. In this update, all location-based features like Nearby Friends, Weather Alerts, and more are going to end. They didn’t state the exact reason behind this step but yes, it’s going to end. 

They announce the last date is June and the exact date is 1st August 2022. Furthermore, if you want to download any data regarding these features then you must download the backup. Because after 1st August this background data is going to be delete. 

Furthermore, Facebook Stop Nearby Friends features are not just going to be deleted from your smartphone but also from Facebook servers. So, it’s advisable to download all your information like location history and other location features. 

The course of these problems is Meta When they announce that they will remove Facebook and Instagram from European Countries. The reason why they did that is that the European Government is not allowing Facebook data transfer from Europe to Facebook Headquarters in the United States. 

One Final Thought

In April, the European Union made a new Digital Services Act to regulate tech giants. Facebook is not the only one that gets stuck in the Facebook Stop Nearby Friends problem but also Google and many other Tech Giants. This new act is about the regulation of content and user data they collect from the users. 

At the end of the day, it’s for our own good because they are stealing our data without our permission. People don’t read privacy and policy but in reality, it’s the most harmful privacy policy in the world. If you use Facebook excessively and have lots of data in it then start cleaning and backup.  

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