Truecaller Remove Call Recording Feature Due to Google Policy Update

Truecaller Remove Call Recording Feature Due to Google Policy Update
Truecaller Remove Call Recording Feature Due to Google Policy Update

Truecaller Remove Call Recording Feature: In the modern world, privacy is everything and that’s why many big companies are coming together to make the internet secure. Google is one of those companies, as the biggest tech giant they already live with new changes. In this blog post, you will read about the Google Developer Policy and its effects on other applications like Trucaller. 

Trucalller is going to remove its Call Recording Feature in the upcoming days or before 11 May. If you want to know more about the Google Developer Policy Update and its effects on your life then keep reading this blog post. 

Why Does Truecaller Remove Call Recording Feature?

When we talk about the best calling application with the most advanced feature then Truecaller always takes the first spot. The main purpose or feature of Truecaller is to tell the identity of callers. Moreover, not just identity but also contain many amazing features like call recording and messaging features. 

There is bad news for all those Trucaller users who use call recording as a primary feature. Because Google came up with a new developer policy that restricts call recording. If you don’t know then in the upcoming day Google is going to remove all Call Recording applications from Google Play Store. 

To keep safe from the ban, Truecaller is making some changes. In its system removing a few features and more. The deletion of the Call Recording feature is one of the changes.  And also one of Trucalles which come to be seen in the future. 

Call Recording Alternative

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If you are someone who needs a feature to record calls because of your work. Then there are still a few things you can do and more. The first thing is if your smartphone manufacturer still allows you to record calls then Truecaller will also record calls. 

Furthermore, there are still two applications available to record, like Google Dialer or the Phone app. But the fact is they come up with their disadvantages like announcement features or alert features. Whenever you try to record a call then a system will send a constant voice message to the caller. The message is “Your Call is Recording” and it’s quite a bad impression when you don’t want them to know about this feature. 

One Final Note

In a way, it’s a good way to let people know and keep them safe from threats like blackmailing. But the downside of this feature is that people will not be able to generate evidence on phone calls anymore. The most important thing coming from this update is that big companies are thinking about their users and that’s why they are making their platforms more secure. 

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