Fortnite Leaks Reveal September 2023 Crew Pack With All Rewards

Fortnite Crew Pack Loading Screen
Fortnite Crew Pack Loading Screen (image via. Fortnite)

Fortnite Crew Packs are special bundles of cosmetics that are released every other month, and features some great rewards. Here are all the rewards that you will find in September 2023 Crew Pack.

Fortnite Cosmetics have been revamped, and new ones have been added with the start of Chapter 4 Season 4. With the new shop and characters, there will also be a new battle pass for players to complete. This includes several new cosmetics for players, backpack blings, gliders, emotes, and much more. Additionally, players can also purchase exclusive cosmetics from the in-game Crew Pack Store. These are special cosmetics, and once you miss them, they won’t be returning to the game.

Fortnite September 2023 Crew Pack: Astrea Makes Her Entrance

YouTube: Fortnite Soul

The Astrea character cosmetic had been teased in several leaks prior to the release of this update. Finally, the cosmetics have been revealed as a part of the new Crew Pack, along with several other additional goodies.

The complete list includes the following items:

  • Voidheart Back Bling
  • Astrea Outfit (with added Variants)
  • Cosmic Connection Loading Screen
  • Stars Are Born Music Disc
  • Voidblack Slasher Pickaxe

The list includes several great goodies, and the Music disc and character outfit are the best. The Music packs are always great, and you can collect several other exclusive songs for your loading screen lobby. However, even though all the cosmetics are great, the Crew pack is only available to players who are willing to spend some money on it.

The Crew Packs follow a monthly subscription based model, where players need to spend a certain amount each month to avail the rewards. The September 2023 Crew Pack will be priced in the same ballpark, which means around $11.99 each month. You can cancel your subscription before the next month’s cycle starts again.

The new Crew Pack will be up from the start of September 2023 and players can access it from the Fortnite Crew Section.

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