Fortnite Players Awed By Amazing Fan-Made Map of Chapter 4 Season 4

Fortnite Lunar Concept Map (image via. Twitter: @FNChiefAko)

Fortnite is an ever evolving and ever dynamic game, where both creators and fans get a lot of freedom to make their own creations. This is enabled by the Creative mode, where players can custom design maps and also make up their own rules. With the release of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 coming close, players are speculating about the new changes and most importantly, the new map!

A Fortnite News Page on Twitter, by the name of Ako, has just revealed a self-customized map depicting Chapter 4 Season 4. The map is themed around a LUNAR concept, where Kinetic Moon shards have dropped and altered the map extensively. The concept is so well-done, many players were fooled into thinking it was an official leak. However, it is clarified extensively that it is an artistic project that reimagines the map that is about to come out.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Map: Lunar Themed Map Reimagines New Update

Ako is a Fortnite news page on Twitter, who also provides fans with concepts for game characters and maps. In a recent post, they have revealed a new Lunar-themed map, which reimagined almost half the zone of the current map.

The description detailed that the LUNAR theme is due to Kinetic Moon fragments dropping on the map, changing the complete west side. This new re-imagined map featured the current Season 3 map, but with over half of areas renamed and possibly made into brand-new play areas. The new areas included the following zones:

  • Stellar Station
  • Lunar Landing
  • Dusty Dome
  • Moon Mines
  • Stable Satellites
  • Crashed Craft

Along with these new zones, some of the current ones also made an appearance, like Slappy Shores, Brutal bastion, and Mega City. However, it is to be noted that no official release has been made about the map coming in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4.

Along with the changes in the map, the creator theorized some new low gravity weapons and also biome. Although this is a fan-fade project, it certainly holds great potential if Fortnite ever wants to delve into a space theme. Many fans have appreciated the concept and there might be a new creative map, if the community decides to make one!

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