Genshin Impact Developers Might Sue Players Exploiting Kaveh Glitch

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact has a very passionate community behind it, and also a set of passionate developers. Both faced a major problem this week when a certain Kaveh glitch was used to wreak havoc in Co-op mode. The response was swift from the developers, but some harm has been done. Naturally, Genshin Impact is planning to sue players who have exploited this glitch during its existence.

In a long Twitter post, Mihoyo addressed the community and the recent events that had soured the experience of many. The glitch was a serious one, where some malicious players were utilizing a third-party plug-in along with a Kaveh interaction to permanently delete important structures, objects and even NPCs from other players’ worlds.

Genshin Impact Glitch Makes Co-Op Unplayable: Mihoyo Might Sue Bug Abusers

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Sometime this week, some players started noticing a bug that players were using to delete important structures like Statue of Seven, and Leyline trees from the game. This struck fear in the community, as there was no way of bringing the things back, even with a restart or a reinstallation. For a short time, players got stuck in the game with no way to progress through the domains.

This malicious issue was being perpetrated by a small group of players who were getting into Co-Op with unwitting players and deleting their items. Mihoyo acted swiftly to shut down this bug and the players using it, by releasing a small patch on August 25th. Moreover, in a Twitter/X post, they addressed the issue and reassured that every player who has faced this problem will have their world fixed. They will also be monitoring the issue persistently so that this does not occur twice.

However, the most important part of this post was the banning of any and all accounts who had utilized this glitch. The developers and users of this plug-in will be met with action according to the Terms and Service of Genshin Impact, as Mihoyo might take legal action against them upon discovery.

If you have been affected by this glitch, you can contact the in-game Customer Support along with your UID. Any major issue will be fixed immediately, and minor ones will be fixed in a future patch.

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