Instagram Enhanced Tags: How to Use New Tagging Feature?

Instagram Enhanced Tags: How to Use New Tagging Feature?

Instagram comes with a new feature for all its users and it’s going to give creators something new. Recently Instagram is coming up with new updates to improve their feature for content creators and influences. In this blog post, you will read about Instagram’s latest feature which is Instagram Enhanced Tags. If you want to use this opportunity to improve your communication with your followers then keep reading this blog post. 

What is Enhanced Tags Feature in Instagram? 

A study showed that more than 50% of Instagram users purchase products from their favorite influencers. Moreover, a page can help you to drive a potential customer to your website or store. 

Instagram has the potential to give a kick start to your business and make it bloom. If you are reading this blog post means that you are also on Instagram and trying to increase your followers and engagement. 

A new feature which is Instagram Enhanced Tags will help you increase your engagement. Instagram Reels are the new powerful weapon to get thousands of reach with a single post. The main purpose of this feature is to make more or better collaboration between more than two people. 

Until now content creators can collaborate with other creditors but this feature is coming to a better way. Now you can display more than one or two of the creators in a single post by tagging them. 

How to Use the Instagram Enhanced Tags Feature? 

Instagram Enhanced Tags: How to Use New Tagging Feature: In simple words, Instagram allows creators to add Instagram pages to tag within a single short video or reel. It will allow you to collaborate in a better way and promote yourself to a wide range of users. Below you can read the official statement by the Instagram officials on their latest feature: “this feature will display a creator’s publicly displayed and self-identified profile category.”

Step by Step Guide to Enable Tags

Step-1: First open your Instagram application then find the “+” icon. You can find this button on the top right corner of the application. 

Step-2: After that create a beautiful post or use one from your draft. 

Step-3: Now, it’s time to caption your content and then you will get the option of an Instagram Enhanced Tags feature. 

Step-4: Before using this feature, make sure you download the latest version of Instagram from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Step-5: Now, after the caption, you will get a new option of “Tag People” and click on it. 

You can tag people as you do in your regular photos on Instagram. Try not to add too many because it will ruin your video or constant.