Google Removes Six Malicious Apps Disguised As Antivirus!

Google Removes Six Malicious Apps Disguised As Antivirus!
Google Removes Six Malicious Apps Disguised As Antivirus!

Google Removes Six Malicious Apps and Antivirus: As modern society moves the threat of cyber security is also increasing. Our business, profile, and bank everything is available online. But the good news is that big company take good measures to keep their consumers safe. For example, recently Google Removed Six Malicious Apps from the Google Play Store. In this blog, you will read about those six apps and a way to keep yourself safe. 

Google App Store is the largest application store with millions of applications available to download. However, it’s not necessary that Google to do a quality check to ensure the safety of that app. Anyone can join their app on the store and let people download (or do anything). 

Nowadays, Google has become more advanced and secure than before. It’s the latest technology trying its best to give a more secret experience to its users by Google Removes Six Malicious Apps. If you remember, in the past they removed over 100s of apps and games to clean their Play Store. 

Hackers misuse the urgency and expectation of the user by providing them with fake products. In order words, they try to give you something which is nothing but shows. But in return, they obtain your important information like Media, Personal Information, and Bank information. If you want to know more about these applications on Google Play Store then keep reading this blog post. 

Google Removes Six Malicious Apps!

In this blog post, you will read about some application that is stealing your important information. If you are using any one of them then just delete and remove them immediately. The information they are stealing is not any media or personal messages but Bank Information. 

You can read the official statement on the Google Official Blog by Google which is “these applications pretended to be genuine AV solutions while in reality they downloaded and installed an Android Stealer called Sharkboy.”

Name of the Application: 

  1. Atom Clean-Booster, Antivirus
  2. Antivirus, Super Cleaner
  3. Alpha Antivirus, Cleaner 
  4. Powerful Cleaner, Antivirus 
  5. Center Security – Antivirus 
  6. Center Security – Antivirus 

Google Removes Six Malicious Apps, The type of malware they are using is Shark Type and can steal your information by creating fake forms. Moreover, another important thing about this application is that it’s a Three Developers Account. In order words, there is a total of 3 developers’ accounts behind these applications and data stealing. 

The best way to keep yourself safe from these kinds of applications is to read reviews, and check ratings. If you need an appliance for something then first read about that application and did not download it randomly.

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