What is Twitter New “Quote Tweet With Reaction” Video Feature?

What is Twitter New “Quote Tweet With Reaction” Video Feature?
What is Twitter New “Quote Tweet With Reaction” Video Feature?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media with most Millenials on their platform. Its features and purpose are quite different from any other social media but still, many things are similar between them. There is a special feature in Instagram which allows its user to reply via videos. Now, this feature is also going to be added to Twitter which is known as “Tweet Take” or Quote Tweet with Reaction and it will also give a feature to reply to a quote or tweets with help of a video.

Furthermore, to use this feature, Twitter is going to add a new button “Quote Tweet with Reaction”. When you click on this button it will allow the user to reply to that tweet. Another good thing about this new feature is that it also allows the original tweet in quote format.

If you still have not understood what is Quote Tweet With Reaction all about then similar to Instagram reels. Do you remember when someone made a reel with a small box and some text? This feature is also known as Reels Reply on Instagram and short videos. Moreover, this feature is also popular by the name Reels Visual Replies and one of the main purposes and benefits is engagement. It helps creators and every person account handler to engage with their followers.

Social Media is all about engagement and that is why Twitter released the same feature to increase engagement. Moreover, you can also read the official tweet below which post by Twitter Official Handle:

Quote Tweet With Reaction and Twitter Fleets

Well, this feature is not entirely new to Twitter because there is one more feature available on Twitter which Twitter Fleets. The old feature, Twitter Fleet allows users to share their tweets with a comment feature. However, this feature is only available in all screen formats and also this feature is also inspire by Instagram stories.

The fact is every social media is adding something which includes video. Well, by the top marketers in the industry videos are the future of social media marketing. Do you know where the Tweet Take will appear on Twitter? Quote Tweet With Reaction will appear in the main feed along with other types of tweets, just like any other Tweet on Twitter.

The most important thing about any Twitter new feature is safety priority and even after release, they have to keep an eye to keep people’s priority. Last time, when the Twitter Fleets was released then it also faced criticism and people got abused with that feature. Twitter officially states that they keep an algorithm to keep their user safety and privacy as before the release.

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