Is Your Phone running Slow? 3 Best Tips to Speed Up

Is Your Phone running Slow? 3 Best Tips to Speed Up

You have a fast internet and wifi connection but still, your phone is running slow? Let’s face it in this modern world using a lagging phone makes you frustrated. Opening a single application takes more than 15 seasons, and the event call log is not working properly.

Furthermore, many of you think it’s happening because of hardware problems running for repair shops. But take a deep breath and read this article because here you get the reasons why your phone is running slow. Moreover, we will also tell you 3 ways to increase speed within seasons.

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Why is my Phone is Running slow?

There can be more than one reason which can slow your phone. To be specific, there are three main reasons which cause internal harm to your smartphone.

#1. RAM (Random Access Memory)

One of the main reasons why many phones lag or hang is because of RAM management. Furthermore, if you have low RAM or too many applications running at once then cause lag. However, most modern smartphones can manage their RAM automatically. But still, if it’s not running properly you need to do it manually. Need to do proper cleaning of your memory to make it normal.

#2. Battery

The next big problem is your low MAH battery. The life of the most modern batteries is around 2 to 3 years. However, they can be different and it depends on your usage. Furthermore, because of low batteries smartphones struggle to do daily tasks.

#3. Storage

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why most smartphones hang (even apple devices). If your storage is almost full then it’s normal to hang or lag for smartphones. Furthermore, the best way to cope with this problem is to clean your unwanted storage and keep it below 75%.

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Top 3 Best Tips to Speed Up if your Phone is Running Slow?

Is Your Phone running Slow? 3 Best Tips to Speed Up
Is Your Phone Running Slow? 3 Best Tips to Speed Up

Now, you know the major reasons which make your phone slow and also cause some internal harm. Furthermore, in the long term, it will become worse and can cause you to change your smartphone. Below you will get the top 3 ways that make your smartphone faster than ever.

Restart Your Phone (Soft Reset)

First thing first, it’s not the Factory Data Reset – I am telling you to do RESTART. It is the very first thing you should do when you feel your phone is lagging. Factory Data Reset will delete all your data and make it new. However, the RESTART option only cleans your RAM and background running application. Furthermore, it is available for both smartphones – android and ios. Following the steps below you do the Soft Reset or you can RESTART your phone.

Android: Hold your power button and down volume key at the same time. Hold it for 2 seconds and then some options will appear on your screen. Click on the RESTART button and the smartphone will handle the rest of it.

IOS: In many ways, apple devices are different from Androids. However, the process to RESTART your phone is quite the same. Just press the Volume down key and power button at one for 2 seconds. After that two options will appear “RESTART and Power Off”.

Check Your Battery if your Phone is Running Slow

The next thing is to check your battery and its quality. Battery plays a major role in the functioning of your smartphone because it is the main source of energy. The lifespan of an average phone battery is two or three years if you use them carefully. However, in some cases, it can be low or more because it depends on your usage. Below you will read a quiet guide that will help you to find out about the quality of your smartphone’s battery.

Android: In Android devices, no one can not tell about the quality of your smartphone’s battery. However, there is a way to check and for this method, you need to install an application called AccuBattery.

AccuBattery tells you about your phone’s current battery capacity, the consumption of your battery, and how long you can use your phone after recharging. Furthermore, you will get some really good information and a report about your battery health.

IOS: Now, you do not need to install any third-party smartphone. Because they have an in-built system checker which tells when you need to change your battery. To check details about your phone’s battery go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Furthermore, it is only available for iPhone 6 or later devices.

This in-built application rates the battery of your iPhone on a scale of 100. If your battery rating is in the range of 80-100 then you are in the safe zone. However, if your rating is less than 80 then it’s time to buy a new battery (or wait until it goes below 60).

Factory Data Reset or Hard Reset

Even after trying every method but still, the phone is running slow, and nothing working for you then here is your last resort. You already have the first method – Factory Data Reset. Furthermore, there are some important things you should do before doing Factory Data Reset. It will clear all your data including media and application (it is quite painful to install everything from start). Follow the guide below you do the Factory Data Reset or Hard Reset:

First, back up all data into your computer or other permanent storages like SD Card or Pen Drive. After that, open your settings and search for the Reset option. Every device has a section that contains the Factory Data Reset option. Furthermore, if you have a search option then just use that. Now, you need to do a few clicks to confirm your reset (keep in mind – Everything will delete). Congratulations, on your new smartphone and I am sure that your phone will work faster than ever.

Well, there are some important things you should always keep in your mind like keeping your storage less than 75% and do not install any application outside of your App Store or Google Play Store. I hope you like this blog post about speeding Up your smartphone without much effort.

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