Top 10 Best Apps to Earn Money Online

Featured Image: Top 10 Best Apps to Earn Money in 2021
Top 10 Best Apps to Earn Money in 2021

Have you ever earned money online with the help of apps on your smartphone? If your answers are no, then this blog post is for you and someone who wants to earn money in their free time with the help of their mobile phones. Moreover, you do not have to invest a single coin to earn while using these apps. So, Let’s start the list of Best Apps to Earn Money Online.

Special Note: If you are not spending money then do not think it’s free because you are using your valuable time. Choose these money-making apps according to your preference and knowledge. On the other hand, you are not going to have any benefits in the end but waste your time.

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Top 10 Best Apps to Earn Money Online

1. Google Pay

best app to earn money online

The first app on the list is Google Pay and it is an Online Payment tool made by Tech Giant Google Inc.Well, there is no way anyone can earn directly with Google Pay but there is a catch. I mean Scratch, Yes at every money transfer you get a scratch coupon which gives a chance of cashback. On the other hand, it is available for all mobile platforms like android, and ios devices and is free to download.

2. Mobile Premier League

The next app in the list of Best Apps to Earn Money is Mobile Premier League with an enjoyable option to earn money online. Moreover, it is an esports game which means you compete with other players and the winner gets the prize. These pool prices depend on the entry fee and if you get the luck you can win in Lakhs with help of the Mobile Premier League. It is also available for both mobile platforms and free to download.

3. Loco

Loco: An Online Streaming App

If you have lots of knowledge and want to convert your knowledge into real cash then here is your way. Loco is an online KBC where you give answers and get real cash if you can give the correct set of answers. Moreover, you get two chances a day to participate in that quiz and earn money with your knowledge. On the other hand, it changes into an online streaming app in which you can watch your favourite gaming streamers and earn free rewards while watching.

4. Roz Dhan: One of the Best Apps to Earn Money Online

Roz Dhan is like a combination of all online money making apps in a cooler way. You can earn money with Roz Dhan while doing multiple things. Moreover, You can read newspapers, play esports, and also Surveys are included in this list. Not only are you utilizing important things in your time, but also earning money from it without paying a single coin.

5. Meesho

Meesho is an online selling store where you earn if you help them to sell their products. Moreover, it is one of the best apps to earn money online without investing in a single coin. On the other hand, it is a small version of the Drop Shipping Store but only available in India and Mobile devices. Moreover, in the last few years, they have gained quite a reputation in the E-commerce market and also help thousands of housewives to generate a side income with just the help of their smartphones.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards: Earn money Online

The next app on the list is also from Google with an easier way to earn money with your smartphone. Its Google Opinion Rewards with a Survey programme where you have to answer some public and product-related questions to get points. On the other hand, there is not a correct and wrong answer to these questions but you need to give him a genuine answer. After That, you can change those points into cash or online coupons to earn money online.

7. Dream 11

Another esports app on the list is Dream 11 for earning money online. Dream 11 has the same principles as Mobile Premier League but slightly different concepts and because of that, it feels like gambling. On the other hand, You need to make a correct prediction about the current player’s performance because it is a real-time game. Moreover, almost all games are included like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball, national, international and all types of formats.

Top 3 Best Apps to Earn Money Online

8. Cash Buddy

The next app on the list of Best Apps to Earn Money is Cash Buddy. Cash Buddy is an app that helps you to earn money in your free time without doing much of any work. Yes, you just need to watch some videos or complete some quick surveys in a time of 2-5 minutes. Moreover, these rewards are in real cash and range around Rs. 50 per task or challenge. On the other hand, you can transfer these rewards to your Paytm or any other online payment tool. It’s become quite easy to earn money from it but you have to be genuine while doing these tasks.

9. Phone Pay

Phone Pay: an Online Payment App

Phone Pay is also an Online Payment tool like Google Pay, Paytm and other payments apps. Moreover, it’s one of the most trusted apps for payment all around India if you want to use it as a payment tool. On the other hand, it works the same as Google Pay, You transfer or pay money with Phone Pay and get some cashback or other rewards as a gift. Well, it’s a totally luck based game but the best thing is you do not have to invest in it or it’s safe.

10. Pocket Money: The Best Apps to Earn Money

The next app on the list of Best Apps to Earn Money is Pocket Money. If you want to earn money with the Pocket Money app then you have to complete some small tasks and challenges daily. On the other hand, the problem with this app is you do not earn a good amount of money. But you will earn regularly and the challenges and work are also quite little in comparison to other apps.

One Final Note:

These apps are a good way to earn money but as I said early you need to choose them wisely according to your time and knowledge. Moreover, you can choose multiple apps like Google pay and Phone Pay because here you do not need to do any actual work.

On the other hand, Dream 11 and Mobile premier League is more like gambling, if you are not able to earn money you will lose in it. Finally, survey type apps need a lot of time daily but it only gives a fair amount of money and they are not available daily.

I recommend you to choose one or two and stick with them until you earn some real cash from them and do not think using all of them at a single time will make you rich. These apps are just for supplement and you need to focus on your real-life and work.