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Valorant Character Guides-Riot Games’ inaugural FPS Valorant is an action-packed tactical shooter with unique characters who each possess four abilities – Signature Abilities (two you can purchase), Ultimate Abilities, which require kills to activate, and their Signature Ability which cannot be purchased. Our guides explain each agent’s abilities with great clarity! Our guides related to Valorant explain each agent’s Signature Ability and two that can be acquired across kills and their ultimate ability.

Phoenix-Valorant Character Guides

Phoenix represents eternal renewal as it rises from its ashes with fire to rekindle itself and fight its battles on its terms, often with flash and flare. He greatly intensifies this concept in battle reenactments such as Battle Royale or Hero Arena. Cypher is an instigator with a low time-to-kill who relies heavily on his map knowledge and match flow to hunt down enemies. Additionally, he can teleport or use a rift tether to peek behind walls for easier pursuit.

Riot Games’ Valorant is an innovative tactical shooter rooted firmly in tactical shooter culture. However, it stands apart from its peers with four unique abilities for each agent, allowing them to influence battle unexpectedly. Players choose one of 11 agents with four special abilities they can utilize during battle – providing plenty of chances for turn-based strategy!

Sova’s Owl Drone and Recon Bolts allow him to survey large areas from safety, while her Shock Bolts give him ample combat power for lineup tricks and lineup manoeuvring. Furthermore, Sova has a teleportation device that lets him sneak past enemies, making her an excellent option for taking on enemies by teammates. Read on the best Valorant Character Guides!

Raze-Valorant Character Guides

Raze has proven herself an indomitable force since her introduction in Closed Beta, boasting an arsenal of explosives and her robot. Armed with these tools, she can inflict AOE damage like no other agent. Raze also boasts aggressive playstyle capabilities with skills centred around explosions such as Boom Bot, Paint Shells, Bum Bot and Showstopper; in addition to dealing damage, she quickly enters and defends spike sites using her C4 charge. Read on the best Valorant Character Guides!


Astra is a master control a Valorant Character Guidesgent who sets her team up with smokes, stuns and blackholes. Jett is a skirmisher/duelist who uses her boost jump and flash grenades. It is to gain positions with flash grenades or boost jumps quickly. Once in position, she employs Molly to engage and disengage enemies. Read on the best Valorant Character Guides!


Jett is one of the first Agents players will unlock in Valorant and a fan favourite among players. She boasts an irreverent yet seductive personality.

Each Agent in Valorant possesses four abilities.  Three signature abilities and an ultimate manoeuvre that builds over time. In addition to their signature ability. These four abilities serve different functions and have different effects on opponents in specific radius areas. Some can slow enemies, and others block sightlines, while others damage and crowd control the enemy forces in Valorant. Combinations of these can have significant ramifications during any battle in Valorant, with certain ones even being capable of dismantling invisible traps set by Cypher. Making these tools ideal for scouting corners!

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