Join WhatsApp Payments Promotions to Earn; Check Details Here!

Join WhatsApp Payments Promotions to Earn; Check Details Here!
Join WhatsApp Payments Promotions to Earn; Check Details Here!

Join WhatsApp Payments Promotions to Earn; Check Details Here: Whenever a new company comes or a new feature then they use different methods to promote it. WhatsApp payments are the latest feature of the company and they are trying hard to reach people. In India, there are plenty of online payment transferring apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, and the biggest Paytm.

But to stand out in the market they are allowing users to earn extra rupes. Yes, if you join their latest program then you can earn extra money by just doing nothing. In this blog post, you will read about WhatsApp’s latest program to earn money. If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to earn then keep reading this blog post. 

What are WhatsApp Payments Promotions? 

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the biggest online messaging applications with billions of user base. Not just you can message anyone in the world without any extra charges but can share anything too. WhatsApp is a productivity-first application that always comes with new features to make our life easier. 

Furthermore, Their latest productivity feature is the Payment option which is available all around the world. Now, you can send money to anyone with just a few clicks and proper safety. Transferring money is another thing but now you can even earn money at every transaction. There are some rules and eligibility criteria to enter this program to earn money with WhatsApp. 

How to Join WhatsApp Payments Promotions Program? 

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You can earn Rs. 11 rupees at your every transaction on WhatsApp but only with new IDs. It is a cashback program where people with a cashback of Rs. 11 also have limitations. Below you can read the official statement on WhatsApp’s latest feature by their development team: 

 “We’re introducing a cashback promotion for selected WhatsApp users.” They also add “if you become eligible for the promotion, you might see a banner within the app, or a gift icon when you’re sending money to an eligible receiver.”

Eligible Criteria

  1. Join WhatsApp Payments Promotions to Earn User for 30 days to become eligible for this feature and it means not new users. 
  2. The application banner or Special Gift icon will represent that you will get a cashback. 
  3. WhatsApp Business accounts are not eligible for this account because they do a lot of transactions. 
  4. Need payments registration with a bank account before proceeding with the cashback feature. 

WhatsApp is working on features like group polls, web preview, and many more amazing features. If you want to know more about the latest updates and releases by WhatsApp then make sure to check our blog installkaro.