When is the Next Minecraft Championship (MCC Rising) Happening?

Minecraft Championship
Minecraft Championship (image via. Noxcrew)

Minecraft Championship, or better known as MCC, is an event created by Noxcrew and organized by Smajor. Several YouTube content creators and streamers take part in this competitive event, where several mini-games are created to test the skills of the participants. Likewise, there is a new installment every month, and the current one is coming very soon.

The tournament features a series of games, which are played on a custom server. Teams are made comprising the participants, and the team with the highest scores by the end of the tournament are declared the winners. The format is simple, but the games can be quite complex and require a high skill ceiling to complete. Naturally, this event draws in a huge audience who want to support their favorite content creator and their team.

Minecraft Championship (MCC Rising 2): Dates Revealed by Noxcrew

YouTube: wolfeei extras

Each month, Noxcrew organizes a new MCC event, where content creators form teams to participate. In the last MCC, dubbed the MCC 33, Team Red Rabbits took home the crown. The team comprised of four very well-known Minecraft streamers – Sapnap, DropsByPonk, Punztw, and Gumiho. With the event ending on August 6th, players should have waited till the next month for a new event.

However, Noxcrew has surprised fans with a second edition called the MCC Rising 2. This event will be streamed on their official Twitch platform, and is currently scheduled for August 26th. It will be streamed on Saturday at approximately 8 PM BST. There will be a total of 10 teams participating, with each team having four players each.

As the event has been growing, many new content creators have applied for it. The selection for the teams will be including a diverse approach, combining both big and small streamers in the Minecraft community. The ten teams have already been decided and will be revealed soon by Noxcrew.

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