YouTube Shorts Green Screen Feature: Everything You Need to Know!

YouTube Shorts Green Screen Feature: Everything You Need to Know!
YouTube Shorts Green Screen Feature: Everything You Need to Know!

In the world of Short Video Creation, only two apps are taking the top spot. First is YouTube and Instagram. Moreover, they are competing with each other to make theirs better than others. In this process, the YouTube creators come up with a new feature for creatures to make better videos. In this blog post, you will read about YouTube Shorts Green Screen Feature and Update. 

Do you know what a Green Screen is in Video editing and Creation? It is a type of rare background removal tool for video editors. Well, this is the new feature of YouTube where creators get a toll to remove and change their backgrounds. They want to provide many editing tools possible on their application. 

Users can use any available video on YouTube as their background on YOuTube Shorts. It’s quite a rare feature because everything is available on YouTube from BTS to Twice and Ocean to Universe. So, if you want to know more about the Green Screen FEature on YouTube and how to use them, then keep reading this blog post. 

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How does Green Screen Feature work in YouTube Shorts?

As we know the use of the Green Screen is to remove the background from the video. It is available in most video editing applications but is now also on YouTube shorts. Users don’t need powerful video editors to make amazing videos but just click on the (+) and then start creating video. 

The AI system of YouTube will remove everything from the video except the object (like your body or whatever you want to remain). After that, you can add any video from YouTube and make a viral short. Furthermore, on YouTube’s latest feature there is a word by Google: 

“Any video that is created with Green Screen will be attributed back to the original creator’s source video with a link within the Shorts player, which provides a new way for your content to be discovered.”

Release Date of the Feature: 

When it comes to the release date of these features then it’s quite hard to set a date because it’s different for every platform. For example, this feature is already working on YouTube iOS but takes a little extra time for Android devices.

Furthermore, the announcement date of this feather is 11th May but that’s only the announcer not launching the feature. The fact is that this feature is only available for beta program members of YouTube iOS and not for other users. 

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