Zoom New Focus Mode, Chat, Calling Improvements and More!

Zoom New Focus Mode, Chat, Calling Improvements and More!

Zoom New Focus Mode, Chat, Calling Improvements and More: After the pandemic, everything went online and many applications have become an essential part of our life. Zoom is one of them which is one of the most helpful applications for employees to keep their work from home. There are many video conferencing applications in the world like Google Meet and Microsoft Team but Zoom is the best among them. Zoom is improving its quality feature and adding new tools regularly to give a perfect online video conferencing experience.

Furthermore, recently they released another new patch note to improve their application. And their current update adds a feature that focuses on giving you more control over your video conferencing. The new features include a Zoom New Focus Mode which helps you keep your distraction during your most important meetings. There are more new features like GIF enhancement, Video mail and many more which we will discuss in this blog. If you want to know about all features and learn how to use them then keep reading our Zoom Blog.

Zoom Focus Mode

The official blog of Zoom released a note about which states “We have several exciting updates and new features like we’re releasing this month to streamline the flow of your meetings, provide additional ways to catch up with your coworkers, reduce friction in the hybrid work experience, and enhance user security and privacy.” Furthermore, they also add  “This includes video voicemail for Zoom Phone, the ability to easily reserve an in-office workspace (in beta this month), and security and privacy updates, such as the ability to share cloud recordings to specific external stakeholders.”

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Zoom New Features

The first and major update of this page is the addition of Focus Mode to schedule a Zoom meeting. This feature is only available for the Host of the meeting who did not want any interference during his/her meeting. In mode comes along with a few adjustments in Gallery View Order. Where the host can customise it according to his convenience. However, in the Gallery customization section, it will reset in every unique meeting code.

Another update to make the user experience better is Zoom will do a few changes in the Zoom Chat section. With the new Focus Mode. Where users can send GIFs and additional text along with the compose box. Moreover, it allows them to check the missed video calls and an instant video call option to save time. Last but not least, now Zoom users can save videos that are shared while they chat. This feature is available for all Zoom applications on Mobile (or Tab) devices.

The last feature of this Update is for Zoom Phone where users can greet their callers with video greetings. Furthermore, Zoom users will be able to use a new add-on which is Power Pack for transferring calls from your Desktop.

Keep your Zoom up to date to use all benefits and get the most out of your application. Well, if you use the web then there might be a few changes but for mobile applications, Zoom is doing great work.