Android Tips and Tricks: Top 5 Android Myths and Misconceptions

 Android Myths and Misconceptions
Android Myths and Misconceptions

Android Myths and Misconceptions in Android is one of the most popular Operating Systems around the world along with its misconceptions. You must have heard or even believed one of these myths related to android devices. Well, these misconceptions are not just wrong but also harmful for you and android devices. Our beliefs make us what we are, so you must know what is true and what’s fake in this world. To protect you from some negative perspectives we will bust some popular myths in this blog post. So make sure to read till the end.

Furthermore, Android is one of the biggest victims of cyber myths and misconceptions which is increasing every year. Lets’ bust the top 5 Android myths and Misconceptions below:

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Top 5 Android Myth and Misconception

#01. Android Devices are Complicated for the Average Users

The first most popular Android Myths and Misconceptions among all smartphone users are, Android Devices are too complicated for the Average Users. Well, it’s too senseless to believe that fact that it’s complicated for normal phone users. The fact is there are still many users out there who think that Android is just made for Computer Geeks or experts.

Furthermore, this misconception is quite similar to the Linux myth. which says “Linux is difficult for Windows Users or other OS users.” Well, you can use both things without being a Computer Expert because both of them are like any other operating system. This argument is false for both Operating Systems – Android and Linux.

There are differences between iOS and Android user interfaces and use but it doesn’t mean one is difficult to use. They both require the same level of knowledge to use for your regular use. However, if you are switching from one Operating System to another then it might be difficult to use a new and different user interface. Again, this doesn’t mean that operating is difficult to use.

#02. Next Android Myths and Misconceptions are All Android Device Is the Same

 Android Myths and Misconceptions
Android Myths and Misconceptions

First, let me ask you a question, Do you think Every Android Device is the same? You probably hear or believe that the Android System is bad just because of Android Myth and Misconception from one phone’s manufacturer. In other words, there are many people out there who had a bad experience with android devices. But do you think that’s because of the Android Operating System?

There are tons of manufactures and thousands of smartphone models available in the market. Along with good smartphones, we also get bad quality products. Moreover, because of that particular device the user thinks the whole Android Operating System is bad and did not use it ever.

Android is used by a wide range of manufacturers, however, they add, remove, and edit features according to their phone’s model and system. After this process, user experience solely depends on the system and process of that particular device. There is a difference between using android in Samsung’s High-End Device and Low-End Device. Additionally, the icons, pre-installed applications, and many other elements are different in each device.

#03. Android Is a Wild West of Malware

One of the most common and biggest Android Myths and Misconceptions about Android is – “Android is a Wild West of malware.” Most people think that if they use Android. Then their device will be attacked by a huge army of viruses and Malware. Well, they claim that iPhones are better in security. But Android is vulnerable and you should prefer iOS for security and privacy.

However, Android is a vulnerable Operating System, because of its freedom of customization. Getting infected by a virus and malware is pretty easy but the same goes for iPhone devices. There is malware present in the iPhone but their use can not tell where it is because of its management system.

Like any other Operating System, Android also has its security measures to secure its territory from external threats. For example, every application and game available on Google Play Store is secure and malware-free. However, to make things easy for app developers Google did not check that much about applications before listing them on the Store.

#04. Specs Tell You Everything About a Phone

Android Myths and Misconceptions is, everyone checks the Specs before buying a phone (Well, iPhone users do not check because of its brand popularity). As I said earlier in his post that your Android or another operating system experience depends on your device specifications. So, you need to check the spec to know about the phone.

Furthermore, specifications like RAM, ROM, Processor, and Camera Megapixels are important accepts of an Android device. However, it doesn’t if you have everything high in number that means you will get a good experience of that system.

The most important thing about a phone is its user experience which needs to work on your needs like working on an app, tools, and more. The fact is no one cares about the specifications of iPhones while purchasing them (they just see the price tag). Do you know why? They are great in every aspect of smartphone user experience and give you the best experience because of their Smooth performance and Apple’s approach design.

#05. Last but not least Android Myths and Misconceptions is Android Task Killers Are Vital

Have you ever heard about this Android Myths and Misconceptions about “Android Task Killer”? Most of the users heard about this and even believe that some in-built task killers harm your device in the long run. Android has good control over the application and its background running permissions.

What does Task Killing mean? Well, when the system stops running apps in the background in the multitasking process to prioritize the current application. However, it is harmful because it wastes lots of resources like the RAM of your smartphone. Sometimes applications start misbehaving and cause lots of trouble like battery wastage, and slowing down the system of your smartphone.

There are recent apps menus in every smartphone which help you to open previously used applications (which is quite helpful while multitasking). Additionally, recent button features which help you to remove applications from the background if you do not want to use them.

The fact is for doing these types of simple tasks Android does not need a task killer and it did not use it. You don’t have to do anything manually because its pre-built system already takes care of all important stuff. Operating Systems main purpose is to help users and smartphones to give healthier experiences and life. Then why did they destroy it with their own hands? This myth is also false!

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