Apple iOS 15.4 Update: New Features and Universal Control!

Apple iOS 15.4 Update: New Features and Universal Control!

A few days ago, Apple launched the 15.4 updates for all of its smartphones (except the iPhone 5 series). For the past few months, all Apple users were waiting for this update and new features. Well, Apple iOS 15.4 Update comes with a lot of new features like Face ID, emojis, and Universal Control.

Furthermore, the 15.4 updates are coming on iPods along with smartphones. But if you have not downloaded this update yet then you can download it from the settings of your iPhone. First, open your setting application then search for General and click on it. After that, you need to find the Software Update where you will get the download option.

While downloading the update, keep in mind the download size of the update is different for both operating systems – iOS and iPad. Moreover, the download size of the 15.4 updates is 1.01 GB for iPadOS and quite less in iOS for iPhone. Well, if you already have the latest update on your device then keep reading this blog to get to know about the latest features.

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Apple iOS 15.4 Update and Features

The most helpful and powerful feature by Apple for their use is a major update in Face ID update. In this update, all deveiler that have iOS 12 and above will be able to unlock the device.

Even many iPhones like 6 and 7 did not get this feature while they were released but now it’s available in a new form of update. Moreover, after the 15.4 updates, they can open their devices with Face ID while wearing Mask.

Apple developers always shock us with their updates and now we get something unimaginable. Because of this pandemic, everyone is wearing a mask and it makes it difficult to open your device with Face ID.

Furthermore, the next big feature to come up with the th3 15.4 updates is new emojis along with the skin tone effect. The new emojis include melting face emoji, handshake emoji, and pregnant man emoji, with multi-skin tone effects.

Well, the next update is Universal Control and it is only available for iPadOS and not for iOS. This update will allow us to use both the iPads and Mac with a single Mouse, interesting right?

As we know, many people use their iPads as computers where they code and do many other productivity tasks. Well, transferring files and interchanging between iPad and Mad becomes harder. This new feature will allow people to drag and drop files and other things with a single mouse.

Last but not least, the new update is for Safari where the application will add two new translation languages which are Chinese and Italian.

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