How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Contact details?

How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Contact details?
How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Contact details?

WhatsApp is one of the extremely popular messaging applications with the most user base. If you want a productive application to communicate with anyone and anywhere in the world then WhatsApp is the best choice. To make WhatsApp more productive we come with a special shortcut or time-saving method for all WhatsApp users. Below you will read about a way to send WhatsApp messages without saving contact details.

Furthermore, if you want to send or use WhatsApp then the receiver’s address or phone number must be saved on your device. But there are many times we want to send a message to someone without saving their contact details. Well, many people still think it’s impossible to send messages without saving the contact details. If you want to send messages without contact then keep reading the blog below…

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Send WhatsApp Messages without Saving Contact Details

The tricks we are going to learn in this blog post are quite old and also helpful. People have been using this method from the day WhatsApp released its smartphone which is Link. In this method, the sender shares a link with the receiver of their WhatsApp. After that, one person can send a message or also receive a message without saving.

Below you will read or get a step by step process to generate and share that link WhatsApp Messages without contact. This tutorial includes the creation of a WhatsApp inbox to share anything you want without saving the contact information of the receiver. So, Let’s start without further ado…

Step-1: First copy this link and paste it into your browser. It will help the WhatsApp sender to message you instead of saving any other details. The link is and you can obtain this from your WhatsApp application.

Step-2: In the next step to WhatsApp Messages without contact, you need to rewrite the given link (the link written above and rewrite it). To rewrite it click on the URL section of your browser and add your phone number at the end.

Step-3: Important – Do not change the URL and you just need to add your phone number at the end of the URL (after the slash). It will create your unique URL and identity which will help your receiver to send you a message.

Step-4: When you click ok or enter after entering your phone number WhatsApp will ask you for confirmation. To confirm, you just need to click on the Okay button to proceed further.

Step-5: Now after confirmation, you can chat with your receiver or share anything you want. Congratulations Now, you can send WhatsApp messages without saving contact details.

This is all about sending messages on WhatsApp and more. If want more amazing tips and tutorials like this then must read our other similar articles. Along with news we also provide a huge number of games and other free application for mobile.

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