Warning: Fake Telegram Installer Distributing Harmful Purple Fox Malware!


Purple Fox Malware is a harmful virus on your computer which was discovered four years ago. Furthermore, it’s one of the deadliest viruses because of its structure which helps it to escape from all anti-virus software. Now, it’s again terracing internet users with a new way to get into your computers.

Telegram is one of the most popular social media messengers and it’s also becoming a way to distribute Purple Fox. Minerva Labs is an anti-malware platform that helps the world by keeping the world up to date with its reports. They release a new report in which they mention the Purple Fox Virus which is spread by hackers to steal information.

Furthermore, the virus is coming with a Fake Telegram messenger application. This Fake telegram installer is lounch by some hackers and rapidly circulating on the internet. As we know, Purple Fox malware has its feature and one of them is it can escape from all types of anti-virus systems.

Well, when someone insults that Fake Telegram Installer on their computer. Then the virus executes a transfer of your personal information to the hackers. Many people’s data is steal by hackers without even their knowledge. And it can be anything from your images to credit card information (if you store them on your computer).

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How does the Purple Fox Malware Work?

Purple Fox is a type of virus that steals several files from your computer. Furthermore, it’s one of the deadliest types of cyberattacks. And this technique allows the creator and attacker to even escape from Anti Virus Systems.

First, the Purple Fox executes an attack to propagate to a computer with a single system in it. Second when it’s properly install on the user’s computer and scans the whole computer then it begins Purple rootkit infection. Purple Fox infection is a powerful AI that codes on its own and can create and delete files of your computers.

As said, Purple Fox Malware creates a folder with “Text Input” anime on it. And then “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\” is the location of this Folder. You can check if you installed Telegram recently and delete it if you found one!

Furthermore, Text Input is not the file or the main cause of the stealing. This virus creates another folder at the “C:\Users\Public\Videos\” location with the “164061849” name. Now, this is the main folder in charge of installing other important tools to steal your information.

In the end, beware of fake applications on the internet and always download applications and software from their official websites. There are many viruses and malware out there waiting for you in the corner of the internet. And also with a simple mistake, you can lose all your data. Or worse, your data will steal by Purple Fox Malware and used for bad purposes.

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