Best Audio Recording Apps for Android (2021)

Best Audio Recording Apps for Android (2021)
Best Audio Recording Apps for Android (2021)

Every phone has its in-built voice or you can say Audio Recording Apps for Android. They are one of the best voice recordings which can do all your voice recording related tasks without any problem. However, these music recording applications also have their disadvantages. For example, you can not use them outdoors and use them for podcasts for interviews outdoors. Well, In this blog post you will read about the top best Music Recording Apps for Android phones. 

Furthermore, iOS and other Apple devices are great for voice recording. But not all android are good at recording, however, they have a great in-built system but lack in the application. That’s why if you just change your application then you get to see many improvements.

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Audio Recording Apps for Android

#01. Voloco

Want to record better songs or music and improve the quality of your music? Then this Volvo is extremely useful for Audio Recording Apps for Android. Voloco has over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store (also on Apple App Store). Its download has proof of its quality which shows how good Voloco is in Voice Recording.

Furthermore, it also gives you 40+ effects and thousands of background music and beats for your music. Voloco is specifically built for musicians and to help them to create better music. You can replace it with some computer voice recording software because it provides you presets for EQ, compression, reverb effects, and removes background noise.

Voloco is free to download and use with a few in-app purchases for its presets and background beats. You can consider if you want something for your on the go voice recording or pocket music recording application.

#02. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MPe Voice Recorder, as you can see by its name it’s a simple voice recorder. However, this voice recorder is much better than your built-in android voice recorder. Hi-Q comes with an MP3 format that is widely compatible with every other application in the world.

Furthermore, there is more than one thing which you would like about the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder. The first thing is its Microphone selection functionality which helps you to connect with external microphones. Well, your android microphones are already good but using an external mic makes your audio better.

The next best thing about it is it serves syncs, it will help you save your data on clouds (this app has its service and you can also use Google Drive). Additionally, it supports Wi-Fi transfer for transferring your data from one device to another device like a PC or Smartphone. Last but not least, Hi-Q provides you with manual control over your audio recording which will help you handle your audio recording more freely.

#03. Dolby On

Dolby On is an extremely useful application that will transfer your android smartphone into a powerful device for voice recording. This voice recording application helps you to record your different types of audio with a single tap. For example, it is a multipurpose application that can help you to create podcasts, songs, sounds (music), and you can also use instruments like guitar or piano.

Furthermore, Dolby On provide you with extremely high-quality audio recording along with in-built and automatic background noise cancellation and interruption. If you are an artist who wants to record his music or instrumental audios then you will not find any other better application for your task.

Because Dolby On comes with some automatic sound effects which help musicians to record better audio or you can say music. Its in-build features help you to record some high-class music sounds and improve the quality of sounds.

Well, Dolby On also lets you do manual customization of your music recording along with its free effect, beats, and sound effects. Also, it gives its Dolby’s Dynamic EQ to list your audio recording with some major adjustments (it’s quite helpful and rare).

#04. RecForge II 

The next app on the list is a powerful audio recorder and has some extra features. For example, it will give you great sound quality while recording your music or anything. Additionally, RecForge II is one of the best and most music recording downloaded apps on Google Play Store.

Well, like most of the applications RecForge II also works with external mics along with monitoring features which help us to keep track of their recordings and let you play the sound as you like on your device (smartphone or PC).

Furthermore, this Audio Recording Apps for Android gives you basic editing features for quick edit and checking. For example, you can trim (cut or add), loops and mix features to change the pitch and tempo of your music. This feature is quite good if you want to send somewhere to quickly check or want to know if it is good or not.

#05. Smart Recorder: Audio Recording Apps for Android

Best Audio Recording Apps for Android (2021)
Best Audio Recording Apps for Android (2021)

Are still confused about which app you should use for your music or audio recording then you should start from Smart Recorder. Because Smart Recorders give a simplistic design along with high-quality features. Its simple and clean interface is great for those who hate complexity or want to do things quickly.

Furthermore, it is not just simple but also comes with a high-quality audio recording tool. Smart Recorder has a quinte and super useful tool which is known as the “Skipping Silence On The Fly” tool which helps you to omit silence or you can empty spaces from your track.

As we know, many times while recording we take multiple awkward poses. These things make your audio bad but now you can improve it with a single click. The above-mentioned tool “Skipping Silence On The Fly” removes silence and makes them better and shorter.

Well, its features are just not limited to one but multiple ones like Audio Spectrum Analyzer, launcher shortcuts, external microphone, and more. We recommend you choose Smart Recorder if you are having problems while choosing a music recorder for yourself. Smart Recorder gives you a “Wave PCM Encoding” feature to record your podcast, music, or anything in a flow.

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