How to Bulk Delete Instagram Post, Reels, and Comments?

You probably know about the “Time is Money” quote by Benjamin Franklin. It is one of the most valuable pieces of advice you will get in your life. And most people agree with Benjamin Franklin’s advice. Well, that’s the reason why everyone wants to finish their tasks as soon as possible. One of these tasks is deleting multiple chats, posts, videos of your social media account. Well, below you will get an Instagram Guide where you learn about Bulk Delete Instagram Post, reels, and comments.

As we know, until now there is no special option to delete all media at once. But, recently Instagram developers released a special feature that will allow users to delete multiple posts with a single click. Moreover, this feature is not limited to posts but is also applicable to Reels and Comments.

If you also want to use this feature then keep reading this blog. Because from the next section you will read about the step-by-step process to delete multiple Instagram media at once.

The feature is going to be accessible from the Activity Log of Instagram, like any other feature. The new feature will allow users to take extra control of their media like posts, reels, and comments. Moreover, Instagram states that we want to help users to revisit the past and delete unnecessary photos or any other media.

Furthermore, many people get a lot of hate comments (especially from celebrities and content creators). And it will help them to make their account clean and steady. So without further ado let’s get into the real process.

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Delete Bulk Instagram Post Guide

How to Bulk Delete Instagram Post, Reels, and Comments?
How to Bulk Delete Instagram Post, Reels, and Comments?

As we know, a new panel is going to be introduced for all Instagram mobile users. The new button we get is “Your Activity” and it will make a record of everything. For example, previous posts, likes, comments, reels, and much more.

To access this feature, first, visit your home profile on Instagram. You need to click on your profile icon (on the right and bottom of your screen). After that click on the Hamburger icon in the upper right corner of your mobile screen.

When you click on the Hamburger icon then it will give you multiple options like setting, archive, and more. Moreover, on the 4th number you get the Your Active button and when you find it – click on it.

After that you get plenty of options like Time Spent, Photos and Videos, Interaction, Account History, Recent Searches, Likes, Visited, etc. You can play with these options as much as you want because every option is super helpful. These options will help you to do the Bulk Delete Instagram Post and other media too.

Well, in the next step you need to click on the Photos and Videos option (2nd option on the list). After that, you get to see all your media uploads in one place – Reels, Posts, and Video. Click on any category you want to delete and go on selecting and deleting multiple items at once.

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