Apple Update: Now Enter into FaceTime On Android Devices!

Apple Update: Now Enter into FaceTime On Android Devices!

Do you know about the FaceTime application of Apple devices which is only available in iOS? Well, not anymore because after the recent update Android users can also join FaceTime. With the release of the iOS 15 update, Apple has come up with a new feature and application on the Google play store. Below you will read about the new update from Apple which is FaceTime on Android Devices.

As we know, Apple is always known for creating something new or you can say invention. One of these inventions is a video calling feature which is created by iOS itself. The feature is none other than FaceTime itself. At the current time, we have multiple options which are Google Duo, WhatsApp video calling. Moreover, every social media has its video calling feature, for example even social media like Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook.

Furthermore, this application is only available for Apple users but not anymore. Because a new update brings a feature that allows FaceTime On Android Devices users to join FaceTime. However, this update is not openly useful for all Android users because it comes up with its limitations. If you want to know more about FaceTime and want to know the process to use it then keep reading the blog.

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FaceTime on Android Devices

Apple is now allowing Android users to take advantage of one of the most popular videos calling applications. But as I said earlier this update not only benefits but also comes with its limitations. The biggest problem with this update is that Android users did not host or start a call with their device.

First to join FaceTime android users need the invitation link. The only way to get this invitation link is for an iOS user and no other way. If you want to join FaceTime with an iOS user then follow the given steps below:

Step-1: First, as we know you need the invitation link from an Apple user. You can get this link via applications like messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other social media.

Step-2: In the next step you need to open the link in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet).

Step-3: Then click on the Continue button on the Google Chrome page to join the FaceTime On Android Devices session.

Step-4: After clicking on the Continue button a pop-up window will open on the save tab. You will get a green join button and then click on that button to join the FaceTime session.

Step-5: After all the given steps above you need to wait until an Apple user accepts your request to join. Android users can use it on their Chrome browser or even download the FaceTime application from the Google Play Store.

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