Instagram Live Stream Moderators: News Feature for Creators!

Instagram Live Stream Moderators: News Feature for Creators!

Instagram is one of the most influential platforms with over 50% of conversion rate. To keep his superiority they are keeping their application up to date with the latest features. These features are not just to look cool but also help in the productivity of the creatures. Well, in the list of latest features a new feature is going to be added to Instagram for their creations which is Instagram Live Stream Moderators.

Instagram Live is one of the best ways to engage with your audience or followers. When it comes to making a deeper relationship with customers, followers, and clients then Instagram is best. Furthermore, to make their platform more engaging and super clean they are going to add a moderator feature in their live stream.

This feature will allow their users to add moderators, these moderators get the authority to edit and monitor comment sections. If you want to know more about this feature then keep reading the blog.

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Instagram Live Stream Moderator for Monitoring Comments

A few days ago on 12th March 2022, a new feature by Instagram got included by their creators. The name of this feature is Instagram Moderators for moderating the comment section. The main purpose of this feature is to give users deep control over their live stream.

The moderator of the live stream will get three major authorities in the user live stream. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the comment section of the live stream. The access to the Instagram Live Stream Moderators of the live stream are:

  1. Report Comments: The first authority the moderator will get is that person can report than a comment. It is quite helpful in keeping a healthy comment section and audience. Many users face criticism and most of them are abusive or negative.
  2. Remove viewers from the live: Instagram Live Stream Moderators feature is quite extreme but also helpful at same time. Like above we talk about the negative users. Well, you can report a comment but what about that person who is spamming negative comments. Reports take time, and to take immediate action you can use the Remove Viers option.
  3. Turn Off Comment for a Viewer: This is ultra-extreme and we think it’s rarely going to be used by any Instagram Creator. Like it’s the alternative version of the 2nd authority which allows us to remove viewers. Well, if you want to keep your viers but not comments then this option is way better. Moreover, it will also keep you from hurting the feeling of your followers.

The process to Choose Moderators?

The next big question is the process of choosing an Instagram Live Stream Moderators for Instagram? Well, to choose a moderator first users need to start the live stream. After that, they can choose the moderators from the viewers. You do need to do any extra things to choose moderators or need to have any other permissions. Keep yourself up to date with our blog and for more Instagram tips do not forget to surf on Install Karo.

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