Fortnite Racing Mode Will have Elaborate Tutorials for New Players

Fortnite Racing
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Fortnite is overflowing with new elements after the release of the much awaited Chapter 4 Season 4. The Fortnite Racing Mode will also be arriving very soon, and additional information keeps being revealed through small leaks.

With Chapter 4 Season 3 being a letdown for many players. Epic Games is trying their hardest to introduce new elements in the game with the new Heist element in the current season, and news of more to come. There are rumors of a new LEGO update that might replace the last chunk of the Chapter 4 update. Moreover, the racing mode is a guarantee, but there is no evidence of its release date.

Fortnite Racing: Three Tutorials in The New Game Mode

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The Fortnite racing mode will completely change the gaming format from FPS to Mario-like Racing. This will be the first official game mode that will completely ditch the shooter format, and make something new. Right now, there are several game modes that are made by fan-creators and stage designers, but they are exclusive to only the Creative mode.

According to the leaks, the game mode will be very similar to Mario Kart and will contain power-ups and more to influence the race. There will also be new vehicles that players can obtain through battle passes exclusive to this game mode. Other than that, players can also access an in-depth tutorial that will be arriving along with the game. According to the leakers, this will have 3 steps:

  • Seamless Tutorial
  • Beginner Tutorial
  • Advanced Tutorial

All the tutorial modes will have separate maps that will enable the players to be ready for the competitive game mode. If the leaks are real, the game mode is supposed to arrive during Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

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