WhatsApp New Feature: Get Profile Picture with Notification Update?

WhatsApp New Feature: Get Profile Picture with Notification Update?
WhatsApp New Feature: Get Profile Picture with Notification Update?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and it keeps releasing new features to hold the first positions. When it comes up to productivity and simplicity then there is no better application than WhatsApp. There is a new update coming along with two unique and helpful features for iOS devices. The feature is adding a WhatsApp Profile Picture along with the notification along with some nerf in the application.

Furthermore, the WhatApp is been Meta’s property or part of the Facebook franchise for a long time. The best thing about the organization is it always experiment and come with new features. These features and tools are super helpful when it comes to productivity, simplicity, effectiveness, and user experience.

As of recent news, WhatsApp is working on many new features like Profile Picture with Notification and tools to make the communication more interesting. For example, they are working on making animated heart emojis (only work on single hearts). This feature is already available for mobile devices but they are working cross-platform.

Well, the latest update is they are also working on a new system that will add images along with notifications. However, this feature is only going to be available for iOS devices along with another new feature. The next feature is the removal of Broadcast List from the WhatsApp messaging application.

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What is Get Profile Picture with Notification Update?

As per reports, WhatsApp developers are working on a new feature for a better user experience. And that will add the profile picture of the sender along with a notification. But, because the feature is still in experimental mode then it’s only going to be release for iOS only.

Furthermore, many people have already started using this feature as a Beta tester. For those who do not know, the beta tester is a program released by WhatsApp developers for a few people. Moreover, this program allows common people to download early ease of applications. The same feature is also available for other applications like Instagram and more!

According to news site WABetaInfo, the Profile Picture with Notification feature is only going to be available for iOS beta testers. Android users need to wait a little longer to have access to this feature. Moreover, even if the program is released for Android Beta. Then it still takes extra time to release it as the official feature in all applications of WhatsApp.

In addition, WhatsApp might remove the Broadcast List. And along with that removal, there might be some major changes that will happen in the 3 dot features. They are which allow to creation of groups and also send the same message to multiple users.

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