Google Play Pass Launched In India: Indian Price and More!

Google Play Pass Launched In India: Indian Price and More!

There is a source application by Google which helps us to download the application and games on android devices. Google Play Store is the name of an application that is still one of the most helpful on devices. Furthermore, recently a new update or you can say feature was added to the application. The name of the feature is Google Play Pass and below you will learn about the Play Pass details.

If you are a regular user of something like newspapers, Videos (Netflix and Hulu), and Games. Then services like Passes and Subscriptions help you to save a lot of money and extra benefits. Well, one of these benefits is going to android’s Google Play Store with a money-saving plan.

On the last day of February, Google announced its blog post which was about the launch of Play Pass in India. As you know (or if you don’t know) then the pass is already available for countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. But after a long wait, this Play Pass is coming to the Indian region for extra benefits. If you want to know more about the Pass, and how to subscribe then keep reading this blog.

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Indian Price, and How to Subscribe Google Play Pass?

First thing first, What is the price of this Pass and how do you get the benefit? Well, the biggest benefit of this pass is money benefits. After purchasing this pass, users did need to pay for any other in-game purchases. For example, gamers purchase monthly passes which allow them to collect rewards. But after getting this pass it all is free of cost (until the pass is valid like 30 days or a year).

Furthermore, it is only available for the chosen titles and not for all games and applications of the play store. There are more than 1000 titles in up to 40 categories available with the Google Play Pass subscription.

The price of the Play Pass is available in two different variants and each of them has its benefit. The first one is for a month which will cost you Rs. 99 in the Indian region. Then comes the big boy in the game which is for years and lots of other benefits. But it will cost you Rs. 889 per year. Well, the offer did not end here but also had a last option for prepaid users for the pass.

To subscribe or purchase the Play Pass, you need to open your Google Play application. After that click on the icon which is available on the top right corner of your device. Then you will get the option of the Pass in the menu of items. And then just click on the button and follow the regular process to purchase any service online.

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