Google Replace Hangouts Messanger app with Google Chats

Google Replace Hangouts Messanger app with Google Chats
Google Replace Hangouts Messanger app with Google Chats

On Tuesday, Google replace the Hangouts Messanger application and it was replaced by new Google Chats. The download option from the Google Play Store and Apple Store is also not available. However, Google Hangout is still in service for those who already have it on their smartphone. But Google Hangout Messanger will services will also get diable in the future. Because Google Chat is going to be the new Hangout Messanger.

As we know, Microsoft and Apple are popular for their online environment which helps their users in terms of productivity.

A well-maintained digital environment helps in easier data transfer, collaboration, and productivity. Google is planning to do the same thing where is replacing an old application with a new one. For example, recently Google Play Music is replacing with YouTube Music and now Google Replace Hangouts Messanger.

One of the most popular Google updates online portals 9To5Google makes this news public in their regular update reports. According to their reports, the application is no longer available on downloading platforms like Google Play Store and Apple Store.

But you can still use stores like Mi Store or Chinese App Store to download Hangouts Messanger. Another major point is that the service is still active for all Hangout Messengers users. In other words, if you already have the application then you can still use it without any disturbance.

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What to do after Google Replace Hangouts Messanger with Google Chats?

Now, the fact is Google Hangouts is no longer available to use and users need to switch their platforms. Even if you are a long user of Google Hangouts but it’s become quite old when it comes to features. Still, there are many options available for those who are facing these hangout crises over the last few days.

The first option is to use Google Chat which seems quite obvious and also right. Because Google already makes the arrangements for the user to transfer their content and data. With the click of a few buttons on Google Chats, you will obtain all your Hangouts Messanger data.

Another major thing about Google Replace Hangouts Messanger, Google Chats comes with all the latest features and productivity hacks. In this digital age, you need to use the latest application to keep yourself connected with the world. So, the best option is to use Google Chats or something similar to Google Chats (for example, WhatsApp or Telegram).

The amazing feature you will get in Google Chats is not available in Hangout Messanger or even WhatsApp. Yes, some of the features are not even available in modern messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. For example, you can share high-resolution media on Google Chats, in other words, without compromising the quality.