How to find the Midas Drum Gun In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4?

Midas Drum Gun
Midas Drum Gun (image via. Fortnite)

The weapons in Fortnite have received some major changes with the start of Chapter 4 Season 4 this week. Among them, one gun has the community talking, and it is the Midas Drum Gun that can be obtained from heisting the Hotel of Kado Thorne.

With every new update, Fortnite receives a selection of new weapons, cosmetics, locations, and in-game mechanics. The Vaulted weapons theme has been running in the game for a few patches now, and the Heist game mechanic, introduced this patch, is a more polished version of that. Players will be able to visit the new locations in this map and complete heists in order to unlock special weapons and sustain goods.

Midas Drum Gun in Fortnite: How to get it?

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The Midas Drum Gun is named after its unique looks. A drum gun that is completely clad in gold certainly counts as a special weapon. It is one of the heist weapons that players can select when completing a heist, and is categorized as a Mythic Weapon.

Mythic Weapons are the strongest weapons in the game and have several special effects. Therefore, getting one will increase your chances of getting the Victory Royale. However, this weapon is not that easy to obtain. Players will need to defeat the Area Boss and successfully make it out of the base in order to be an owner of this weapon.

Currently, it can be obtained from three locations in-game: Sanguine Suites, relentless Retreat, and Eclipsed Estate. Players will need to head to the basement of these locations and defeat the boss opponent to get the Vault Keycard. After entering the Vault, players can select only one out of three heist rewards. However, since there are more than 3 Mythic rewards in the Vault, you might not find the Midas Gun in your location. Defeat the NPCs after stealing the weapon, and now it’s yours to use!

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