Instagram Messaging Feature: Respond to Messages While Browsing


Are you one of the most powerful multitasking experts who live on Earth? But is your ability is interpreted or decreased by Instagram at a time feature? On Instagram, you can only do one thing at a time like only browsing or only messaging. But not anymore, in this blog post you will learn about Instagram’s latest feature the Instagram Messaging Feature. 

A few days ago, on 31st March Instagram launched a new feature that allows its users to do two things at a time. In the old system, you needed to open the DM box to chat with a friend. And to browse you need to close that DM window and repeat if you want to both thighs at one time. 

If you’re using a smartphone for a while and observing while using it then you might know about the Instagram Messaging Feature. This update allows users to chat while browsing Instagram and you do not need to switch. That back and forth movement eat a lot of time and we don’t have time in the modern era. 

So, to make Instagram more productive they came up with a new feature that allows users to chat while browsing. Well, if you want to know more about this amazing feature, how to use it, and its release date then keeps reading our blog. 

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Instagram Messaging Feature and Respond

The official blog post of Instagram announced this feature and here you can read their statement. They state that  “we’re introducing several new messaging features, including the ability to share music previews, send a message silently, the ability to see who’s online to chat, and more.”

Furthermore, they also add, “this announcement is a part of our ongoing work to improve how you connect and share with your closest friends.” Well, if you want to know more about these features then you can read below. 

#01. The very first feature of the Instagram Messaging Feature update is that you can reply while browsing on Instagram. Whenever someone messages you, you can directly reply from the notification bar. This feature will prevent you from opening the whole chatbox. 

#02. Share open is also coming with a new Instagram Messaging Feature, now you can share anything with a single tap. Yes, just click on the share button of the post and secret the friend you want to share it with. 

#03. Last but not least is the Silent feature which is similar to Facebook Messenger (the @silent feature). If you use this tag in your chat then it does not notify the receiver until he opens the Instagram messaging window.