Instagram Voice Replies: Screenshot of New Feature Leaked!

Instagram Voice Replies: Screenshot of New Feature Leaked!

A brand new Instagram feature is going to launch for the application in a few days. As we know, Instagram is popular for its new and engaging features which help businesses. Furthermore, currently, it’s one of the best applications in terms of engagement and counting with new audiences. Well, this extremely useful application is going to add a feature of Instagram Voice Replies. 

When we talk about the best social media application out there then Instagram always takes the top spot. There is a reason why Instagram dominates in the ocean of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Instagram features are quite useful in many ways 

Recently, a Twitter user released a tweet where he posted about an interesting and amazing feature for Instagram. This Instagram Voice Replies feature will allow users to reply to stories with a new type of option. Yes, you can reply to stories with voice messages which is quite special. If you want to know more about this amazing feature then keep reading this blog. 

A new helpful feature is going to come which will allow users to reply to stories with voice replies. Till now we can only react to the stories and like the stories (like any other regular post). Yes, if you did not notice yet then a few weeks ago a new Instagram feature which allows you to like. 

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Instagram Voice Replies and Leaked Screenshot 

Voice messages and Replies become a great part of online productivity. It allows users to save time and express their true selves in a few seconds. Well, it’s not complete in a few seconds but also with a single click. 

Recently, a Twitter user named Alessandro Paluzzi (you can search for it on Twitter if you want) claimed about this leak. According to him, Instagram is going to launch a new feature that replies with a voice message. 

Well, if this feature is going to come to Instagram then a lot of time is going to save. Moreover, in the current world, many people are short on time so they want to do everything with few or even single clicks. 

For the last few months, Instagram Voice Replies is working on many new features which you will see in future updates. For example moderators in Instagram Live where someone else can take care of your comments. Moreover, a new layout will help you to organize your feed with a pin feature. 

Last but not least, an earning or monetizing feature (which is only available for US users) with Instagram. Do you know about the Join button on YouTube or Patreon subscription? Yes, a similar thing is going to come to Instagram. Until then keep reading our blogs on the latest updates from all types of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.