“Nobody Saves the World” is Now Available on Steam and Xbox Series!

“Nobody Saves the World” is Now Available on Steam and Xbox Series!
“Nobody Saves the World” is Now Available on Steam and Xbox Series!

Nobody Saves the World is one of the popular and much-anticipated games of 2022. It is an RPG game developed by DrinkBox Studios and is also quite interesting. After a long time of waiting it’s finally launched on the Xbox Series and Steam. Do you find this title a little different or something crazy? Well if you want to learn more about their release, upcoming features, and more then keep reading the blog.

Furthermore, the title comes from a popular gamer who is famous for Guacamelee! On the internet. NSW also comes with a unique feature which is shape change mechanics. Well, it is an RPG game with NOBODY as the main character of the story. Or the person who will protonate the story of NSTW.

Nobody Saves the World offers you an Open World with a plethora of challenges and quests to complete. Moreover, you will get an attachment which is a Magical Wand (like fairy tales). The special feature or purpose in the game is changing forms.

This magical wand allows its user to change into more than 15 different creators including Ghost, Dragons, and Eggs. This Nobody, a black state character is simple but also comes with many hidden abilities. Moreover, this wand’s most mysterious form is an egg with a slime’s trail.

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Nobody Saves the World 

Each form has its importance in the game to fight different enemies. However, all forms are not for fighting, some of them are for other importance. For example along with combat, you also get dungeons, castles, and many more interesting quests.

The purpose of this game is to save the world (quite a cliche but still it’s going to be unique in a way). It’s more like a mind game than a reflex first game like other RPGs out there. For example, if you need to cross a river then how can you do that? Well, use that magic wand and change yourself into a turtle. Or any other form which can swim or even fly like a Dragon.

Oh yes, we have a dragon here in Nobody Saves the World. Do you have a fact about Dragons? Dragons are the strongest creatures on the Earth and they can do anything.

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