Paytm Shut Down it’s Consumer Application in Canada!

Paytm Shut Down it’s Consumer Application in Canada!
Paytm Shut Down its Consumer Application in Canada!

Paytm is India’s one of the biggest online money transactions companies or applications. And it’s user base is increasing day by day as more people become part of digital India. Paytm is popular and also has branches in countries other than India. Today we are going to look at one of those branches which are Canada. The reason is Paytm Shut Down its consumer application in Canada.

First, the Paytm development and research firm Canada is make in 2014. Moreover, in 2017 they also released a service similar to India. In that process, a mobile application was launch with Paytm name in Canada. The major purpose or use of that app is to pay bills and schedule payments which is a small part of the original Paytm but it’s all over and Paytm Shut Down.

Furthermore, after a while Paytm released all of its features for the Canadian region to build a business there. However, Now in January 2022, they are going to stop all of their Paytm services in Canada. Paytm states that they only want to focus on the Indian market and that’s why they will close other distractions like Canadians.

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Paytm Shut Down Its Consumer Application in Canada

The point to notice is there are two different divisions of Paytm working in Canada. First, one is digital money transfer which is popular for paying bills and scheduling Payments in Canada. The second important division is responsible for research and development which are Paytm Labs. According to the current decision, only one division is going to shut down but others will work as always.

Here is the official statement from Paytm itself about Paytm Shut Down- During these unprecedented times, we have had to make some tough business decisions. Unfortunately, as of March 14, 2022, the Paytm Canada App will be shutting down permanently. Effective January 14, 2022, we will be disabling Scheduled Payments and Top-Ups for Paytm Cash which includes EMT transfers, Canada Post and Bank Transfers.” The digital payments platform also clarifies that bill payments that are submitted and/or that have been pre-scheduled over the next 30 days will be ACCepted.

Paytm Shut Down in Canada news is only applicable for Canadian serves and Paytm online money transfer or banking. Paytm users and other Paytm services which work in India. Furthermore, the decision is already live from 14th January and because of that, all Paytm services will stop working. The Paytm series that will stop working is Wallet, Bank Transfers, EMT and Canada Post.

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