How to Send Images on WhatsApp without Compressing in 2022?

How to Send Images on WhatsApp without Compressing in 2022?
How to Send Images on WhatsApp without Compressing in 2022?

WhatsApp is the most popular social media messaging application on smartphones and even the web. There is a reason which makes WhatsApp a popular messaging application. However, one of the most useful features is WhatsApp Documents which allow its user to share different types of files. For example images, videos, audios, PDFs, links, and even word documents. But WhatsApp also has its own downside like it compresses videos and images while transferring. Well, below you will learn about a way to Send Images on WhatsApp without Compressing …

Furthermore, there is a reason why WhatsApp compresses its images and the reason is easy to transfer. WhatsApp is known for its simplicity and fast messaging experience by reducing as much time as possible. The algorithm is quite simple, compressing the image which makes that image lower in size. Less size means less internet and super fast transfer on WhatsApp. But this is not a good thing for every transfer because there might be something you want to transfer without losing quality. To do that you must keep reading the blog.

There are multiple ways to share documents like Images, Videos, and Gifs in WhatsApp. For example, you can use the paperclip button and then click on the type of file you want to share. Moreover, there are more ways like camera buttons to share on time images or videos. Last but not least, if you are using Web WhatsApp then drag and drop your file (this feature supports every type of file). Also, except images, videos, and gifs all other file transfers without loss of data or even quality.

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How to Send Images on WhatsApp without Compressing?

Below you get the 5 step process to share your images without compromising with the chilly. Follow the step by step process…

Step-1: First, open your WhatsApp and then open the chat where you want to share your image.

Step-2: Next, to share your image without losing the quality you need to click on the Document button (which will be visible after clicking on a paper clip).

Step-3: Now, from the Document section go to File Manager > Image Gallery or the folder where the image is present in your smartphone.

Step-4: After that, select the image you want to transfer and send it to the user. Furthermore, keep in mind that you need to select from the Document menu and not the Image or Video option.

Step-5: Congratulations! You have successfully sent Images on WhatsApp without Compressing.

This trick is quite simple and if you did not understand it then here is a quick review. When we send something on WhatsApp in the Document category then it travels on its original size. However, it’s different for images and videos and that’s why when we transfer images in the Document category they also travel on their original size.

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