WhatsApp Guide: How To Share Location On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Guide: How To Share Location On WhatsApp?

One of the most popular social media online messaging applications WhatsApp Messenger is great for a reason. WhatsApp provides you with the most helpful and productive features like sharing different types of files. Not just it allows you to share pdf, png, and gif but also provide service like location sharing. In this blog, you will read about one of these features which is the process to share location on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is not just any other online messaging platform that allows you to chat around the world for free. Either any ordinary online document or media sharing platform which allows users to share pdfs, pages, photos, and more with few clicks. But it is an extremely productive application that allows you to share your online location and also current locations.

Are you struggling or having difficulty sharing your location with your friends or family? If that’s the problem then keep reading the blog because it might be helpful for you. Below you will get a step-by-step guide to share your life or even current location to any of your contacts.

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Step by Step Guide: Share Location on WhatsApp

As you read earlier in this blog that WhatsApp allows two different ways to share your locations. Well, what’s the difference and what should be beneficial to use (conserving your privacy).

You can probably get the main meaning of the words which are “Current Location” and “Live Location.” The first word “Current Location” allows users to send your location of yours to any of your contacts. Share Location On WhatsApp feature only selects your current location and it’s going to be only one time. Moreover, You can delete that if you want or don’t want to show your current location anymore.

Well, the second is “Live Location” which will allow you to share your live location with your content. It will show your live location until you turn off or delete that location sharing messaging from your feed.

The process to Share Location On WhatsApp location is quite simple; it starts with the “+” button on the typing tab. The first click on that button then selects the location option from the list of available buttons. After that, you get another option to choose the type of location sharing to your contact. When you choose your option then the sharing feature will automatically start.

Furthermore, while sharing your location try to give your current location rather than a live location. In other words, if you have a choice then choose current to keep your privacy protected. There are many bad ways to use your live location against you and many more things.

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