Telegram New Features: Reactions, In-App Translation, and More!

Telegram New Features: Reactions, In-App Translation, and More!

This New Year, Telegram Messaging App is coming with some new and awesome features for its users. Today, they released a new update where they are going to add a new feature like Apple’s iMessage. Furthermore, the name of this feature update is unique and it – Spoiler.

It’s not the only one but many other small tools or add-ons are coming with this Spoiler update in Telegram. In-built Translation – it’s the second biggest feature going to add from today in the Telegram Messaging app. It’s the first time any messaging app gets its translator.

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Telegram New Features and More!

Message Reactions

The very first and coolest feature of this update is its new Message Reaction in the Emoji section. However, it’s new in Telegram but it’s already available in Apple’s iMessage app, social media apps like Facebook, and Instagram. On Telegram official website, the company said something like this on this update:

“Telegram was the first messaging app to add animated and interactive emoji. Giving users unparalleled ways to express themselves in chats. Today some of these emoji become available as reactions to share feelings and feedback without sending any messages,”


The second Biggest update and Telegram New Features user to manipulate in new Spoiler format. This feature is about hiding a specific part from the other user of that group or specific person. Furthermore, it also mute notifications, which did not show on the navigation bar, and chat list for that specific chat. While texting, you can select any part of your text and change it into the Spoiler to hide that part.

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Message Translation

Last but the biggest Telegram New Features from Telegram is Message Translation and it’s going to change the whole social media. It’s the first time an app will have its translator translate any language. Furthermore, Translation is quite an important feature when you suddenly get a message in a different language.

Recently, social media apps like Facebook and YouTube added this feature into their application. Their AI tool helps to translate any language into English but this feature is only available for the caption and comment section.

Well, if you want to use this feature then you have to activate it from the settings because it’s not going to be automatic. First, you need to open your Telegram App (you can not use this on a Web or Desktop application) and click on the settings section. However, this feature is only available on Mobile applications. Then in the setting option click on the language section then Telegram you will get the option of Message Translator.

There are many options available for Translation and you can even remove this option from the text menu. Another important point about Telegram New Features is it is only available for iOS 15 on Apple Devices.

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