Top 5 Tips to Speed up Your Phone Internet

Top 5 Tips to Speed up Your Phone Internet

The Internet has become a necessity of our daily life but what will happen if you get a slow internet speed? Whenever our phone lags or we get a slow internet speed then it becomes quite irritating. Furthermore, in the time of 5G, you do not expect to get a slow internet but still, there are many reasons which can cause a real problem. Well, in this blog post you will read about tips to speed up your phone internet.

The most common reason is your location and internet provider. However, your phone also plays a major role in your internet speed. There are only three reasons which cause slow speed – Location (weather and towers), Internet Provider, and your smartphone. We can not fix the first two but the third – your phone can be improved.

Special Note: Solutions given below are related to phone internet or you can say SIM Card and Network. If your phone is connected to wi-fi and not giving you a good speed then definitely content your Wi-Fi operator. But still, you can run these tricks to check (there are chances these tricks might work on wi-fir problems too).

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Why Is Your Phone Internet Speed Slow?

Top 5 Tips to Speed up Your Phone Internet

In this section, we will take a look at some important reasons which can cause the slow speed of your phone internet. There are four main reasons which make your internet speed slow.

#01. Too Many Active Tabs (or Applications Running in Background)

One of the biggest reasons why you get a slow speed is because of your multitasking. For example, if you get 8 Mbps and use 4 different applications then your every application will get an internet speed of 2 Mbps. If you want to get your work done fast then keep multitasking aside for a while.

#02. Bad Connection

What if your phone is not getting good network coverage? The next reason is you have a poor connection which of course you slow internet speed. However, the solution to this problem is quite “Hard but Simple” because to solve this you need to find a good location. A location that has good network coverage.

#03. Phone Cache

If you are surfing on the internet with help of your browser then Cache might be slowing your internet. Every browser stores surfing data to decrease the loading time and save the internet for the next time. However, if you did not clean it timely then your browser will run out of storage or store more than its capacity. In both cases, it will affect your internet speed (and also your smartphone).

#04. Network Setting

The network setting is a major cause of trouble when it comes to slow internet speed. Even an internet provider gives you good speed and network coverage but still because of setting everything will become a mess. Furthermore to solve this problem you should use the Network Reset option to get things done quickly.

Tips to Speed up Your Phone Internet

Top 5 Tips to Speed up Your Phone Internet

Here you get some quick tips and things to do when you are facing a slow internet problem. Furthermore, these tips solve 90% of network and speed-related problems in an instant.

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#01. Clean Cache

The very first thing needed to do is clear your phone and application cache. Android devices use cache to save your data and time but after a long time, it will cause problems. Well, to clean your phone cache first open the settings section of your browser and other most used applications.

After that, find the storage section and click on the clean button and clean your cache. Some applications like Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many other applications contain more than 1 GB of Unnecessary Cache.

#02. Restart Your Phone

If your phone Internet problem is recent then you should try the Restart or Soft Reset option. It will clean your internal RAM and give a boost to your network coverage. To perform Restart you need to press your volume down key and power button at the same time.

After holding the button for around 2 seconds you will get the option for Reset. Furthermore, in most cases, it will increase your internet speed instantly without much effort.

#03. Speed Increasing Applications to Speed Up Your Phone Internet

There are some applications available on Google Play Store which can help you to increase your internet speed. However, this option is only available for android devices and not for apple. They are well-made applications made by developers which improve your network connection and apply all tips of this list automatically.

You can find those applications easily on the Internet. But the problem is some of them are not good for your privacy protection and security. They need some critical permissions and if you are comfortable with that then go for it!

#04. Ad Blocker

Ads are one of the most annoying things while surfing on the internet. Furthermore, they are not just bad for your experience but also for your internet speed. The pop-up ads are kind of time-consuming and interrupting in your work. Many Ads contain video, text, and links that will affect your phone along with internet speed.

There are many free to download and use Ad Blockers available on the App Store and Google Play Store. First, find a good one, then install and surf on the internet with slowing your phone (and internet).

#05. Browser Text Only Mode

There is a special available in modern browsers which are known as Text-Only Mode. If you are searching for some kind of information on the internet then you should use this mode. Text-Only Mode converts your web page from normal to a text-only page.

Not only will it help to surf at low internet speed but also give a simpler view (which is quite easy to read). Furthermore, it is already available on almost all modern browsers (like Chrome and Firefox).

This is all about the tips to speed your phone internet with the reason which causes these problems. If still, you are facing a slow internet problem then it’s time to call the Network Provider Helpline Number.

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