Twitter TweetDeck: Researcher Discovers Designed Sign-Up Page!

Twitter TweetDeck: Researcher Discovers Designed Sign-Up Page!
Twitter TweetDeck: Researcher Discovers Designed Sign-Up Page!

Do you know about Twitter’s latest update about Twitter TweetDeck on your PC? It’s an amazing feature by Twitter and is only available through Google Chrome. TwitterDeck is a new tool or you can say feature which helps users to keep track of their tweets. When you care about a creator or someone who wants to know more about their audience. If you find a feature helpful then the given information below might be helpful for about. 

Currently, the TweetDeck is free to use and users do not need to pay a single buck. However, we don’t know if we will get this feature free in the future because there are changes in pricing. Because recently a tweet about upcoming pricing is trending on Twitter which is posted by @wongmjane. According to her, Twitter is going to make Twitter TweetDeck features premium with a monthly subscription. 

As we know, Twitter’s “Twitter Blue” is a paid monthly subscription to get the most out of your Twitter. Moreover, this is only available in a few countries which did not include India. The TweetDeck is also not available in India at the time of writing this blog post. If you want to know more about this TweetDeck and Priminum Blue then keep reading this blog. 

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Twitter TweetDeck: Everything You Need to Know!

@wongmjane is a popular Twitter researcher who always gives updates and news about Twitter. Recently, again she tweeted about a brand new feature which is TweetDeck, and upcoming plans for this feature. According to her, The Tweeter is making a signup page that asks you to join their premium. 

If you did not use this feature then you can use it with help of your Google Chrome. Yes, you need a desktop, Laptop, or PC to use this feature of Twitter. Moreover, If you live in India then the TweetDeck feature is not available for you. 

The reason is, that Twitter TweetDeck is still in development mode and running in Beta testing. To check this properly before the Global release. In other words, this is only available for the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia and not any other country. 

According to her, the price of this feature is going to be around $2.99 which is not official. This cost is not for TweetDeck but for the premium Blue feature (again it’s only available in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia).

To take advantage of Tweet Deck people need to purchase a monthly subscription to Twitter Blue. Well, we don’t know when we will get this feature for Indians but after all formalities. Yes, when the whole system is ready for Globe (which can take a month) then Twitter will release this feature on the Global level.